2007 progress report template

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2007 progress report template

at the end of the project, a report of 5-10 pages (layman’s report) should be produced summarising the work and results of the project as well as its long-term environmental benefits. the report should be written for a general audience, in english and another relevant official language of the beneficiary and should avoid using jargon and complicated sentences. quotes from various stakeholders, partners or volunteers) help to visualise and maximise the impact of the report. the european commission regularly monitors and evaluates the results and impact of the life programme.

in their proposals, applicants need to indicate the expected results of their project in terms of environmental and also socio-economic benefits. once a project is funded, the coordinating beneficiary must record the project results through the kpi webtool (only accessible to life funded projects) – both with the first report (progress or mid-term) and the final report. please submit your annual reports – both the technical report (in word) and the financial report (in excel and pdf) – by email easme-life-ngo@ec.europa.eu and ivona.malbasic@neemo.eu. it is closed on saturdays, sundays and european commission holidays.

progress report format for projects funded by the. coastal response research center. updated march 2007. this document provides guidance for preparing document title. progress report. reporting period. april – september 2007. author(s) and project role. kate lindsay, project manager. date. october 2007. date: 24/10/2007. page 2 of 21. document title: jisc progress report template. last updated: october 2007. jisc progress report template., life, life, https ec europa eu info index_en, eu life environment programme, life nature

2007 progress report template format

if your project received funding from the life+ programme 2007-2013, please use progress report template for traditional and technical assistance projects enlargement strategy and main challenges 2007-2008 this report on progress made by turkey in preparing for eu example, an improvement of the budget preparation, as illustrated in the medium-term fiscal. disc-uk datashare – progress report – version 1 – october 2008 was put in place for forms (see edinburgh report for details). a library since 2007, on a variety of projects focussing on improving access to electronic., european commissioners, eu policies, eu policies, european policy, life, https ec europa eu info index_en, eu life environment programme, life nature, european commissioners, eu policies, european policy