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that’s why i rounded up some of the most highly rated subscription boxes claiming to help relieve stress and put them to the test. in pursuit of the pipe dream that is serenity, i decided to find the best of these boxes. though most of the things were great, i do have to say that the tea tree oil handy-tizer cleanser was strange to me. so the cautionary hypochondriac in me has decided to keep it at my desk as a surface cleaner, and (maybe) skin cleanser if i’m feeling rebellious.

but lavender is often used to help relieve stress, so i thought it was a great choice. i thought this box was the most ideal out of the four for anyone dealing with anxiety (or anything close to it). but as i mulled it over in comparison with the three other boxes, i found that therabox didn’t have a central theme. but if you’d rather know what you’re getting from month to month, it might be worth going with one of the other options. but if that anxiety persists and interferes with your day, there are ways to cope.

this is a box you can make that contains things that ground you, make you feel more relaxed and reduce symptoms of panic, anxiety or low mood. for some inspiration, below are some of the things i have included. i always keep a few photos of people or places that have only positive memories attached to them. in my box is a book that i wrote when i was four years old, filled with accounts of my favourite things and days out with friends and family. it’s a really nice way to remind yourself how far you have come and how far you are capable of going. the scent of a candle is perfect to focus your senses on and has the ability to make you feel much more present. of course, it’s advised to pick music that is calming and has a solid beat to help you breath slowly and steadily.

i also find it keeps you fresh-minded, and the coolness of water can often give you something to focus on and have a grounding effect. it acts as a reminder to keep calm and focused. i made up a load of little cards and wrote down my favourite uplifting quotes from films, books, poets and accounts that i follow on pinterest and instagram. this is particularly helpful if you are prone to feeling strong emotions around attachment and detachment of loved ones when struggling. you can find plenty of inexpensive beautiful colouring books, pretty much anywhere nowadays – the works, amazon and waterstones all have a good variety to choose from. you might like to write about how you are feeling, or try some creative writing or poetry; for that you can include a pen and notepad. i would recommend avoiding books that could be potentially triggering, particularly if you are in a vulnerable mindset.

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