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occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. in addition to impacting your daily life, anxiety disorders can have a negative effect on your mouth. medication that’s used to treat anxiety can also affect your oral health and you should mention such prescriptions to your dentist. even if you’re dealing with anxiety, you can maintain your oral health by making it a point to brush twice a day, floss daily and have your gums and teeth regularly checked by your dentist.

and if visiting the dentist is a source of anxiety for you, do what you can to make it less stressful, such as scheduling appointments when you won’t be rushed, bringing headphones to listen to music and discussing any concerns with your dentist. always consult a licensed dentist or other qualified health care professional for any questions concerning your oral health. this website is the home of delta dental of california; delta dental insurance company; delta dental of pennsylvania; delta dental of new york, inc.; delta dental of the district of columbia; delta dental of delaware, inc.; delta dental of west virginia, inc. and their affiliated companies. delta dental of california and affiliates is a part of delta dental plans association.

both everyday anxiety and anxiety disorders can cause a wide range of symptoms, both psychological and physical. a dry mouth some of the physical symptoms of anxiety are severe irritants. although they may not be debilitating or affect your overall health, they can dry mouth is frequently reported as a symptom of anxiety. there are at least 5 possible causes of anxiety dry mouth, possibly more., .

dry mouth, chronic dry mouth (xerostomia), a lack of saliva, bad breath, dry throat, increase thirst, and a dry and sticky tongue are common symptoms of anxiety disorder, including anxiety and panic attacks. many anxious and stressed people get dry mouth symptoms. stress can affect your body in numerous ways and increase your likelihood of developing a large array of conditions, and dry mouth is no exception. stress and mouth breathing. during an anxiety attack, you are more likely to breathe through your mouth. all of that air passing through your oral cavity, .

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