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the traumatic experience in arnica is such that the person is left with a feeling of having been wounded deeply, and of the affected parts being so sensitive after the wounding that the idea of somebody touching them is unbearable. the above is a provocative, aggressive attitude that we see in these first stages of arnica’s defensive state. it seems that there is an analogy between the sensitivity of his psyche which cannot withstand the closeness of a contact and the pain felt by his physical body on being touched. there seems to be a tightness of the vaginal muscles; the walls of the vagina feel extremely sensitive and actually painful to the slightest touch. there is a kind of cardiac distress, an anguish that originates from the heart region, a feeling that the heart will give in suddenly and he will die instantly. in the aftermath of a brain haemorrhage, and after the severe symptoms have subsided, we may observe an indifference, an apathy. if the injury has resulted in lysis of the continuation of the tissues and blood flows freely arnica is not indicated any more. aggravation of pains in the evening and night in bed, from movement and from noise. the blood vessels seem to be relaxed and extravasation of blood is easy. aggravation of headache in forehead, above eyes, from the heat of a stove. arnica is one of the remedies we have to think of in cerebral haemorrhages. in the eye we have a real picture of what is taking place in the mucus membranes of this remedy under pressure. chronic pain in the eye from a blow. pain in ears from injuries to the head. in the mouth we have a great offensiveness with a characteristic taste like that of rotten eggs especially in the morning. pain in teeth with swelling of the cheeks and tingling in the gums. tongue is brown in the center with white and moist sides. feeling of a lump in the back part of stomach. a keynote of arnica in the abdomen is a feeling of sore, bruised, tenderness in the inguinal region that forces the patient to walk in a bent position. the overexcitation can bring on an easy and premature ejaculation, so much so that an orgasm can take place even in the stage of carressing and kissing.

during the time of nursing if she has after-pains when nursing child or if there is pain in uterus while nursing the child. the peculiarities of this remedy in this respect are expressed through the following symptoms: angina pectoris with pain extending to the elbow of left arm. it is interesting that in arnica like in cuprum there is a definite effect of the mind or emotions upon the respiratory system where we see : cough from mental exertion or from grief or from lamenting. there is a weakness of the muscles of the neck and the head tends to fall backwards. thigh is cold in the morning. has shuddering of the shoulder and thigh shivering. we see much of the excitation of arnica in their sleep. before the fever there is a dragging sensation in all the bones. a single dose of three pellets of arnica montana, was given in the evening, and he never whooped afterwards. nothing remarkable was observed in the state of the pupil. i immediately perceived that on account of deficient voice culture, she was compelled to strain her voice in singing the upper register. re-amputation was considered by the surgeon, a man of great ability in his field. i want to put it on record for the benefit of the weak and not let it die an ignominious death in the dark. awoke in the night with oppression of chest, anxiety and fear. in talking with him a little while, i really forgot the significant feature of the trouble, as we often do. the hemorrhage is of bright red color and sometimes slightly coagulated; it is accompanied by pain in knees and hands. her recovery at the hospital was uneventful and she returned to her home after three weeks. at another time went out on the street in night dress and kimono to a nearby store, returning a bag of coke, telling the storekeeper it would not bum. (1) she was taken ill one night with stitching pains in the chest that made breathing a proposition. the aim of the iach is the professional education of medical doctors, medical students and health practitioners in order to become effective classical homeopaths, according to the principles of dr. samuel hahnemann.

arnica is an herb sometimes used to flavor foods. it can be poisonous when consumed in larger amounts. arnica gel can be applied to the skin for homeopathy is a complementary medicine. it’s used as an alternative and natural treatment for certain health conditions. this includes anxiety. uses a natural aid for stress-related symptoms: anxiety – restlessness – separation anxiety – panting – drooling – whining – fear of loud ., conditions that may have anxiety as a symptom, related symptoms, related symptoms.

conclusions: arnica montana extract showed anxiolytic activity and can be used as an add on drug after further studies and validation in the treatment of anxiety disorders. in the arnica anxiety states it seems that fear goes quickly into the subconscious mind and emerges every night during sleep in the form of a crisis, this relieves apprehension or stage fright accompanied by agitation and a feeling of hurriedness. a physical sign corresponding to this medicine is stomach find out whether arnica, a homeopathic remedy used for centuries, can help ease arthritis symptoms, reduce pain, and relieve muscle, .

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