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psychosis if often described as a loss of contact with reality. psychosis is a symptom of a condition, not a disorder. sometimes, a person with bipolar disorder may experience symptoms of psychosis. while psychosis is often associated with mental health conditions like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, it can occur due to other medical conditions and causes. when people hallucinate, they experience things that aren’t real to anyone but themselves. if a person with bipolar disorder experiences depressive episodes, they may experience paranoid delusions. people with psychosis often experience irrational thoughts. there are two types (or features) of psychosis in people with bipolar disorder: mood congruent and mood incongruent.

most people with bipolar disorder psychosis experience mood congruent features. in a manic episode, you may experience delusions of grandeur. results of an older 2007 study indicated that people with mood incongruent psychosis in bipolar disorder are more likely to need hospitalization. but we do know some factors that may play a role in developing psychosis: it’s not unusual for people to have only one episode of psychosis and recover with treatment. bipolar disorder and psychosis aren’t yet curable, but they’re both treatable. people with bipolar disorder may experience episodes of psychosis, but thankfully, both psychosis and bipolar disorder are treatable. psychosis is a serious mental disorder characterized by a disconnect from reality. it’s important to be patient while finding ways for you both… if you or a loved one has bipolar disorder, you may wonder about medicinal marijuana as a treatment option.

this study investigated the phenomenology of psychosis as well as demographic, clinical, functional, and neuropsychological features in a large, cross-sectional sample of participants with bipolar disorder divided by history of psychosis. this study investigated the phenomenology of psychotic features as well as clinical, functional, and neuropsychological differences between bp-a and bp-p participants in a large cross-sectional sample. participants were enrolled in the university of michigan prechter longitudinal study of bipolar disorder, an irb-approved study which broadly aims to assess biological and environmental factors associated with clinical outcome in a large sample of people diagnosed with bp through longitudinal, naturalistic follow-up. figure 3 details the range and type of psychotic symptoms reported by participants with a confirmed history of psychosis (n=213; 53%).

this study examined the phenomenology of psychosis in bp as well as demographic, clinical, and neuropsychological differences between people diagnosed with bp with and without a history of psychosis. that is to say, in this sample the presence of psychosis was not associated with worse neuropsychological functioning. this is particularly intriguing in that many individuals in the bp-a group were diagnosed with bp ii, which is thought to be a milder form of bp and would contribute to the expectation that bp-a participants would demonstrate less severe clinical course and neuropsychological impairment. the y-axis on the bayes factor graph is in log-scale.

most people with bipolar disorder psychosis experience mood congruent features. this means that the delusions or hallucinations reflect your moods, beliefs, bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that features extreme shifts in mood, during which psychosis can occur. psychosis refers to a disconnected view of reality. psychosis is also an especially prevalent phenotype in bipolar disorder (bp), with greater than half of all individuals diagnosed with bp, .

some people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder will experience episodes of psychosis during mania or depression. psychosis usually accompanies episodes of extreme mania in people with bipolar i disorder (the more severe form of the disease). while less bipolar disorder can sometimes present with symptoms of psychosis. psychosis is characterized by a loss of touch with reality. psychosis can also be caused by, .

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