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many people are drawn to a partner with bpd due to their intense emotions and a strong desire for intimacy that bring on a fun, exciting and passionate relationship. people with bpd can be fearful of loneliness, however, this feeling can suddenly shift to being smothered and fearful of intimacy and can lead to withdrawal from a relationship. there is a fear of abandonment that lead those with bpd to constantly watch for signs that someone will leave them or interpret minor events as evidence of abandonment and rejection. in a new relationship, people with bpd may initially idealise a person and throw themselves into a relationship fully without reservation. however, as reality sets and the person realises the partner is not faultless, there is an immediate switch to devaluing the person and suddenly the person is viewed as “all bad”. in response to devaluation, the person with bpd may have an outburst of anger, aggression or to break up.

the key to maintaining a relationship with someone with bpd is to have a structure that includes letting the person know that they’re cared for as well as setting healthy boundaries. even if a relationship is unhealthy, a person with bpd can often have trouble letting the relationship go. check out family connections, a program throughout australia including canberra designed to offer education, skills training and support to family members of people with bpd. bpd awareness act holds monthly support group in the act on mondays for loved ones of people with bpd. the aim of the group is to reduce isolation and discredit the stigma against those with bpd and their families. it’s important to remember that prognosis for bpd is good. in the long term there is hope that your relationship with your loved one can work.

people with bpd often report that at the beginning of a new romantic relationship, they put their new partner “on a pedestal.” they may feel as seek out information. learning as much as possible about bpd can increase empathy in a partnership. if you’re the partner affected by bpd, know when to protect your partner. one symptoms of bpd is self-harm, like cutting, or suicidal gestures such as overdose. if you see your, .

a romantic relationship with someone with bpd can be, in a word, stormy. it’s not uncommon to experience a great deal of turmoil and dysfunction. however, people with bpd can be exceptionally caring, compassionate, and affectionate. in fact, some people find this level of devotion from a partner pleasant. dating someone with borderline personality disorder can be challenging. your partner may have major difficulties with strong emotions, whether it’s your partner, parent, child, sibling, friend, or other loved one with bpd, you can improve both the relationship and your own quality of life, even you and your partner may have learned different approaches to love, which can present unique learning opportunities for the two of you. keeping in mind that, .

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