caffeine causes anxiety

according to the u.s. food and drug administration, caffeine is generally safe in moderate amounts (under 400 milligrams daily) for healthy adults. however, there’s a point at which caffeine can be overstimulating and lead to adverse effects, like the jitters, says jen wolkin, ph.d., a new york-based neuropsychologist and author of quick calm. the impact of coffee can be so pervasive and play such a clear role in exacerbating someone’s anxiety that she asks all new patients about their caffeine consumption.

but the symptoms of anxiety and too much caffeine can overlap, prest warns. caffeine also affects young people, who have more sex hormones competing with caffeine for metabolism, and women in general, who have higher levels of estrogen and are more susceptible to mood disorders. and if you’re finding these symptoms only happen sometimes, like when you have a cup of coffee later in the evening, consider adjusting your caffeine consumption schedule. giordano recommends gradually tapering off the amount of caffeine you drink in a day, allowing your system to return to normal in a more metered way.

cut down on foods and drinks that have caffeine, such as coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, and chocolate. caffeine is a caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, and consuming too much can lead to symptoms of anxiety. caffeine is the psychoactive drug that other research suggests that while caffeine can increase alertness, attention, and cognitive function, overdoing it can increase anxiety,, .

if the amount of caffeine is high enough, these effects are stronger, resulting in caffeine-induced anxiety. while there are mental benefits to caffeine, high doses are known to induce anxiety symptoms, and people with panic disorder and social anxiety disorder are especially sensitive. healthy dietary changes can have a positive effect on anxiety. don’t forget that caffeine is an active ingredient in other products like energy drinks, chocolate, and soft drinks. it’s best for people with anxiety to avoid coffee, not because caffeine causes anxiety, but because it can worsen symptoms. low caffeine from energy drinks and high caffeine from coffee were both marginally associated with high anxiety, though neither effect was significant overall. but the symptoms of anxiety and too much caffeine can overlap, prest warns. you may feel a rapid heartbeat, gastrointestinal distress, caffeine has been linked to the aggravation and maintenance of anxiety disorders, and the initiation of panic or anxiety attacks in those who are already, .

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