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there are many temptations to organize our life around the experience of earlier trauma. just like eating mindfully, we can also “drink mindfully”—using all of your senses and mindfully being in-the-moment while you sip. personally, i love curling up with a hot cup of cinnamon tea. however, research also indicates that cinnamon is helpful for regulating your blood sugar which helps to manage food cravings. no matter where live, mindfully sipping on a drink can change your sensations, soothe your taste buds and fill you with stress-buffering nutrients. feel the heat or coolness on your hands. feel the bubbles on your tongue. p be present when you drink. let go of what you are thinking about.

keep your mind focused on the experience. cinnamon is a warm, aromatic spice made from the rolled bark of a tree native to southeast asia. unstable blood sugar levels, especially those caused by hypoglycemia, can lead to increased food cravings, sudden fatigue, and anxiety. this helps improve the way your body responds to insulin while keeping your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. to fully experience the soothing benefits of cinnamon tea, i recommend making it with organic cinnamon sticks. inhale its spicy aroma, take note of the different flavors you experience, and feel your stress melting away. dr. albers is a clinical psychologist, mindful eating expert at the cleveland clinic and new york times bestseller. susan albers, psy.d., is a psychologist who specializes in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns and mindfulness. there are many temptations to organize our life around the experience of earlier trauma.

the numbness, thoughts of harming myself and the feeling of being on a third plane, every day, began to truly concern me. it’s wanting to just let go of the heavy body so you can be free… fast forward about twenty-three years in the future where i had pressed down my pride and embarrassment and became quite the expert (with doctors’ approval) on… the world of depression! first, i must stress… you need to understand adding spices for depression and anxiety in your daily routine will have to become a way of life. that being said, adding cinnamon in my coffee, along with a dash of almond milk, is an easy daily routine for me to maintain. i dash it in my eggs in the morning, italian sauces, on fish, and rice.

this spice is easy to mix in with your baking goods, pancakes (mixes amazing with cinnamon, by the way) and a tad in your coffee with the cinnamon and pure vanilla is like creating a cappuccino… without froth. here are some recipes that call for vanilla and you can substitute the extract for the real deal. this versatile spice reminds me of thyme but it’s very mild and not as effective to the mind as thyme. because of the irian study, i do use a pinch of this every day on or in something that i eat, though it can be strong. this spice is usually included with recipes that call for cumin and they are delicious together. a special thank you to these websites for further educating me and making a difference in my daily life!

to fully experience the soothing benefits of cinnamon tea, i recommend making it with organic cinnamon sticks. one cinnamon stick is equal to so, i am going to first introduce my two easy, ‘go to’ favorites. 1. cinnamon(dominated benefits: depression and blood pressure). i love cinnamon. so…, to find overview there is no scientific evidence that honey or cinnamon help anxiety; however, both honey and cinnamon are safe to ingest,, .

cinnamon essential oil could have beneficial effects in improving depressive and anxiety disorders and might be used as an adjunctive therapy to conventional drugs. however, dose-response effects need further evaluation. stressed out? the staple spice of the season — cinnamon — can help you relax! learn how to combat high blood sugar, curb cravings, and more with these quick turmeric benefits: boosts serotonin levels; can help relieve anxiety and depression; may be just as effective as antidepressants. the active ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin. curcumin may help lower anxiety by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress that often increase in, .

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