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with 250,000 practitioners serving millions of client consumers, clinical social workers constitute the largest group of mental-health/healthcare providers in the nation. this knowledge is inculcated in social work graduate school and is fused with direct-practice skills that are developed by the practitioner during a period of at least two years of post-graduate experience under clinical supervision. clinical social work is notable for the versatility of its practitioners and the variety of their roles, including that of team member and team leader in a multi-disciplinary setting.

typically, clinical social workers supervise and consult with professional colleagues and may engage in indirect practice (e.g. it is a standard of practice for clinical social workers to engage in career-long continuing clinical education and to adhere to a professional code of ethics. working in both the public and private sectors, including many non-profit programs, clinical social workers are the mainstay of the american mental healthcare system. recognized with their own title, clinical social workers, and their own level of state licensure (to protect the public) in every state in the union, clinical social workers are mental healthcare professionals similar to clinical psychologists.

clinical social workers typically use a combination of individual therapy, group therapy and/or various case management responsibilities to support their clients; their precise responsibilities depend on their work environment and the populations they serve. clinical social workers work in many different settings and are often some of the first professionals to help people manage and address difficult life situations. hospice and palliative care social workers also interact closely with the families of their patients to address mental and emotional health challenges brought on by grief and stress. pediatric social workers are a type of medical social worker that works with pediatric patients and their families. working in private practice can offer social workers the ability to specialize in a certain area of social work practice, control their schedule and the types of clients they see, and build creative and innovative ways of helping people address their problems. for example, a criminal justice social worker who works with inmates in a correctional facility may also effectively work as a psychiatric social worker, due to the nature of the mental and emotional challenges their clients face (dual diagnoses, severe mental illnesses coupled with substance abuse, etc.). to choose an effective treatment, social workers must understand and accurately describe the nature of a client’s mental illness.

problem solving therapy is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on empowering patients to restructure their views on the meaning of problems, and how to solve them in a healthy manner. these therapeutic tasks/experiences aim to reveal the underlying thoughts, emotions, and beliefs of the client that are not easily accessible through talk therapy alone. examples of settings that often require clinical social workers to practice case management include: clinical social work roles and techniques such as the ones described in the previous two sections are expected to abide by the standards in the 2009 publication advanced social work practice in clinical social work (pdf, 467 kb). the field of clinical social work is fast-paced, challenging and complex, and can be stressful due to the serious nature of clients’ struggles and the depth of responsibility that social workers feel for their clients’ well-being. being able to seek advice from and commiserate with people who are truly familiar with one’s challenges can help social workers stay resilient in the face of daily challenges at work. the best therapeutic modalities and case management strategies for a given client vary according to that client’s circumstances and emotional and mental disposition; knowledge of a wide range of clinical techniques can therefore be very helpful for clinical social workers, as it enables them to customize their treatment plan for each of their clients. it is powerful work.” additionally, some social workers report the fast pace and multifaceted nature of their work is intellectually stimulating and prompts them to constantly grow personally and professionally.

clinical social work is a specialty within the broader profession of social work. the american board of clinical social work defines clinical social work as “a healthcare profession based on theories clinical social work is a healthcare profession based on theories and methods of prevention and treatment in providing mental-health/healthcare services, with clinical social workers work in a unique field that combines mental and emotional disorder development knowledge and treatment planning with an understanding of what sets clinical social work apart? provide clients with relevant therapy and psychotherapy assess and diagnose clients with psychological, .

clinical social work is a specialty practice area of social work which focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness, emotional, and other behavioral disturbances. individual, group and family therapy are common treatment modalities. clinical social workers must hold at least a master’s degree in social work (msw), and they have the authority to diagnose and treat clients with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems. most states require clinical social workers to complete thousands of hours of supervised experience before obtaining licensure. a clinical social worker’s day-to-day tasks could include ample research and mounds of paperwork, and they may diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and a licensed clinical social worker provides treatment to clients with mental and emotional issues that are affecting their daily lives. they work with their clinical social work is a specialized area of practice. it focuses on assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental illness,, .

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