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council report template

endorse the petition by elected officials to protect california (eopc), which advocates for a phase out of exploration and production of fossil fuels in california. as global warming and rising temperatures grabbed the attention of public opinion, and some elected officials accepted that climate change is due to human activity, and more specifically, emissions of greenhouse gases (ghg), california once again showed leadership. ab 32, a landmark bill, codified part of the eo except for the goal of reducing emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. in addition, ab 32 enacted a cap & trade program. production of oil and gas is a significant contributor to ’s ghg emissions, and is particularly polluting. according to the group’s website, “eopc is a statewide, non-partisan network of california elected officials across the state committed to protecting our communities, public health, and climate for all we represent”.

recognizing that the state or country is in a climate emergency, and given the grave public health and environmental justice consequences of fossil fuel production in california, the city council is recommended to join the eopc and its members in urging governor brown to do the following: ● end the issuance of permits for new fossil fuel projects, including permits for new oil and gas wells, infrastructure for fossil fuels, and petrochemical projects in . 12-4355, urging the state’s division of oil, gas & geothermal resources to place a moratorium on fracking. 1902, the protect our public lands act, which sought to protect federal public lands and stop the leasing of such lands for fracking purposes. • in addition, in early 2017, the city council adopted the 2017-18 legislative priorities, which contain several sections in support of green technologies, sustainable practices and strong commitment to reduction of ghg emissions. attachment: attachment a: “a resolution of the city council of the city of west hollywood calling on governor jerry brown to phase out exploration and production of fossil fuels in california”.

sample report template: development officer report to council. note: this document provides a potential template for a development​ report at the muskoka district council meeting. report and recommendations of the muskoka airport governance review project from. city council. staff report. subject: author: department: date: type of item: summary recommendation. please state your recommendation here along with any ,

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that the report, “city of markham celebrated canada 150 in 2017”, /markham​/ccbs/indexfile/agendas/2015/council/cl150623/cl150615.pdf. view templates provided for your use. committee designated templates are required formats and are to be used for executive board committee reports. this item follows direction from county council regarding the development further to this, a staff report will present feedback and comments item number: ccw – 16-266, ,