cued panic attack

we investigated the prevalence, clinical features, and correlates of bdd-triggered panic attacks in individuals with this disorder. in this study, we investigated the prevalence, symptoms, and triggers of cued panic attacks that were triggered by bdd-related thoughts or situations such as these. panic attacks triggered by symptoms of another psychiatric disorder, a substance-related disorder, or a general medical condition were not considered bdd related.

as predicted, subjects with bdd-triggered panic attacks had more severe social anxiety on the spin (p = 0.043) and more severe depressive symptoms on the ids-sr (p = 0.012) and ham-d (p = 0.008). on other quality of life and functioning measures, the two groups did not significantly differ, but some effect sizes were in the medium range, with subjects with bdd-triggered panic attacks having poorer scores. clinicians should be aware that panic attacks triggered by bdd-related thoughts and situations are common in patients with bdd; they may be a clue to the presence of this often secretive disorder. research is also needed to address this study’s limitations and to further examine the frequency, triggers, and clinical correlates of bdd-triggered panic attacks in persons with this disorder.

these occur in relation to specific feared situations or places. these panic attacks are also associated with specific phobia, ie., people may experience a panic attack when in contact with a spider (if they have of fear of spiders) or panic while traveling by air, if they have a fear of flying. the subjective experience of the panic attack is similar to the uncued panic attack. cued panic attacks, healthyplace.

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situationally bound or cued panic attacks occur upon actual or anticipated exposure to certain situations. these situations become cues or these “expected,” or “cued,” panic attacks have, from the patient’s perspective, an obvious cue or trigger at the time of the attack, and the cue precedes situationally-bound (cued) panic attacks recur predictably in temporal relationship to the trigger; these panic attacks usually implicate the diagnosis of a, .

cued panic attacks are those that occur following exposure to some kind of triggers such as a very frightening experience or thought. for example, someone who is scared of public speaking may have a panic attack when placed in front of an audience. expected (cued) panic attacks are attacks with an obvious cue or trigger. they invariably occur when a person is exposed to certain situations or objects where a panic attack that occurs almost invariably upon exposure to, or in anticipation of, a specific situational trigger. for example, an individual with social cued panic attacks occur in relation to specific feared situations or places. for example, social situations for people with social phobia., .

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