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together with our local minds in wales we’re committed to improving mental health in this country. there are lots of different ways that you can support us. explains what stress is, what might cause it and how it can affect you. includes information about ways you can help yourself and how to get support. some ways of looking after yourself or getting support might not be possible or feel realistic during the pandemic. you can visit our coronavirus information hub to find lots of information on coping during the pandemic. but there are treatments for some of the signs and symptoms of stress. visit our page on managing stress and building resilience to find tips for taking care of yourself when you feel stressed. they may suggest some options to help you manage your stress, such as wellbeing and relaxation tips. social prescribing is a form of community-based treatment that helps you deal with social issues affecting your health.

“social prescribing helps you find lots of different activities and support in your local community that can help you turn things around.” there is no specific medication for stress. but there are medications that can help reduce or manage some of the signs and symptoms of stress. see our pages on things to consider before taking medication and your right to refuse medication for more information. and it can help you become more aware of your own thoughts and feelings. some of them may help you. our pages on talking therapy and counselling have lots more information about different types of therapy. not all areas of england and wales will offer talking therapy for stress on the nhs. you may also be able to find therapy and classes from charities and third sector organisations to help with stress. this may include: you can try some of these therapies on your own. whereas others are usually done as part of a class or one-to-one session. 424348) in england and wales.

regular exercise may help reduce stress and improve symptoms related to common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. 2. follow 1. exercise 2. meditation 3. relaxation exercises 4. writing 5. time management strategies 6. aromatherapy 7. cannabidiol oil 8. herbal teas. medication sleeping pills or minor tranquillisers, if you’re having trouble sleeping antidepressants, if you’re experiencing depression or anxiety alongside, .

short-term stress-relief strategies you can do anywhere try guided imagery meditate practice progressive muscle relaxation focus on many people swear by exercise to help reduce stress in their daily lives. whether it’s walking, running, biking, hiking, or tennis, movement of, .

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