dealing with agoraphobia

but, like a drug, you need more and more avoidance to maintain feelings of safety, and your world gets smaller and smaller. maybe you’ve had panic attacks in certain places and that has made you want to avoid going there in the future. in facing your anxiety, she says, ‘the key is to stop avoiding and to reclaim the territory anxiety has stolen from you.’ in the rest of this guide, we’ll look at the steps you can take to recover lost ground. in doing so, you learn to tolerate the panic and anxiety until it lessens with repetition. for exposure therapy to be effective, you need to feel some amount of anxiety, and remain in that situation until the anxiety abates.

but agoraphobia and panic disorder are highly treatable, and the most important thing, again, is to reclaim territory that they have stolen from you. when you have a success, really appreciate yourself for your strength, resilience and bravery in facing a kind of fear that many people don’t have to grapple with. ‘“antidepressants” is a bit of a misnomer in that they treat both depression and anxiety by increasing serotonin in the body,’ khurana says. every day, do something that will make you feel like: this is my world, my life, and no anxiety is going to rob it from me.’ my experience in therapy and my practice with exposures have helped me to learn how to tolerate anxiety and panic symptoms, and equipped me with the knowledge and skills i need to fight against agoraphobia confining me again. i hope that i’ll be better able to push away the fears of panic attacks and getting trapped and focus instead on my delight in humanity, in resilience. tools from acceptance and commitment therapy can help you sidestep the struggle against pain – and thrive, in spite of it

there is a catch-22 in recovery from agoraphobia: you must learn to endure the panic attacks in order to stop having them. every day, it is important to take yourself on a trip to face your panic, endure your panic, and ultimately, overcome your panic. if your destination is the library, you will have to endure the panic attack of driving or getting on the bus in order to travel there. seeking therapy is highly recommended, but in lieu of or in addition to therapy, it is most important for you to be self-aware of the connections between situations, events, and your panic attacks.

as part of the process of becoming self-aware, it is a good idea to keep a journal, one that records not only when you have attacks, but what happened in your life around the time you had the attack. the one thing that has saved me lately is that i can have so many different things delivered and i guess in some ways this sort of feeds the fear because i don’t even have to leave for the bare necessities anymore. when i allow myself to feel and experience the panic instead of overtly trying to smother it, i find that the panic isn’t quite as intense as it can be when i try so desperately to keep it from happening. i suffer acrophobia my parents try to help me but i guess they can’t i mean they keep yelling at me that i suffer this and they give me a lecture every time about wot do i do when i go to my friends house. i cant wait for the movie to come out!!

self-help techniques and lifestyle changes take regular exercise – exercise can help relieve stress and tension and improve your mood have a healthy diet – a agoraphobia treatment usually involves a combination of treatment methods: therapy, medication and lifestyle changes. a therapist can help you systemic desensitization for agoraphobia is one option that may help you. systemic sensitization therapy involves being less, .

how to reduce symptoms of agoraphobia seek professional help learn relaxation techniques practice desensitization reduce your stress. tips for managing agoraphobia prioritize self-care: when in a heightened state of anxiety it can be hard to meet your basic needs. relaxation: the bulk of cbt treatment for agoraphobia involves exposure therapy, in which you systematically expose yourself to places and situations that, . you can also take these steps to cope and care for yourself when you have agoraphobia:stick to your treatment plan. take medications as directed. try not to avoid feared situations. learn calming skills. avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. take care of yourself. join a support group.

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