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but what has added some much-needed clarity to a condition that is often misdiagnosed or missed altogether are the four variants of the disorder that have stemmed from the work of theodore millon. if you’re new and/or unfamiliar with the basic symptoms of bpd and how they present in an individual, in order to be diagnosed with the condition, you would need to be exhibiting at least five of the following symptoms: while the following sub-categories are helpful in recognising certain traits in people who may have bpd, they don’t necessarily hold true for everyone. this can often be so much the case that this form of bpd can appear to be dependent personality disorder (dpd). this is usually the case with casual friends and acquaintances or perhaps a girlfriend or boyfriend that they’ve just started dating. impairments in interpersonal functioning: these types of impairment are where more issues tend to arise as they’re related to and have a direct impact on the wellbeing of others.

in some ways, it subverts the expectations of what someone with borderline personality should look like. this subtype of bpd sees the individual in question flipping from explosive outbursts of anger on one side of the spectrum to feeling unworthy or unloved on the opposite side. those who suffer from this subtype of bpd are very much ‘on the brink.’ that’s to say that, as the name of this variant implies, they’re extremely volatile and are prone to displaying dangerous and self-sabotaging behaviours. ***if you think you might benefit from speaking to someone about the issues in this article, we offer a free 15-minute consultation with one of our specialists to help you find the best way to move forward. retrieved on 25th february, 2020 from, /gb/blog/impossible-please/201310/do-you-know-the-4-types-borderline-personality-disorder optimum performance institute (2020) the four types of borderline personality disorder. dr. spelman has 19 years experience working in the field of mental health.

the four types of bpd include impulsive, discouraged, self-destructive, and petulant. each highlights a different aspect of bpd. for example, discouraged borderline personality disorder impulsive borderline personality disorder petulant borderline self-destructive borderline. according to theodore millon, an expert on personality disorders, bpd can be divided into four types: discouraged, impulsive, petulant, and self, .

theodore millon’s borderline personality disorder subtypes discouraged borderline impulsive borderline petulant borderline self-destructive borderline. 4 types of borderline personality disorder impulsive discouraged petulant self-destructive. bpd subtypes impulsive bpd: the major feature in this subtype is difficulty with impulse control. discouraged bpd: this subtype is very, .

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