dual diagnosis recovery

we consider these patients to have a “dual diagnosis,” meaning that both substance abuse and mental health disorder diagnoses are present, and we need to address them concurrently by a treatment program in order to give the best chance of successful rehabilitation. dual diagnosis patients require a different level of integrated care in order to address both disorders. unfortunately, our patient usually has to reach a stage of bottoming out before they get adequate care. in fact, around 50% of people living with a dual diagnosis do not get the medical treatment or psychotherapy necessary for recovery. these people are not receiving adequate care to address the deeply entangled roots of their “dual diagnosis.” the solution is to encourage patients who have dual diagnosis to seek out treatment that will address both problems.

more and more often there are inclusive substance abuse treatment centers with a plethora of services available. if you’ve experienced addiction, you likely know the pain of trying to stay sober, only to fall short and relapse. if you have tried other programs before and failed, remember that every attempt to quit is in itself a victory. as long as you do not lose focus on the goal of sobriety, you can continue to try again. substance abuse and mental health disorders so often appear at the same time and are so deeply interconnected; it only makes sense for treatment programs to address both disorders with similarly interconnected treatment plans and procedures.

in addition to substance use disorder, recovery unplugged offers comprehensive care for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ptsd, and other mental health issues that commonly accompany drug and alcohol addiction. bring your furry friend to treatment so you can have the comfort, familiarity, and unconditional love you need while you heal. get the help you need for substance use disorder and mental health issues from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be. recovery unplugged offers comprehensive virtual treatment services that offer the quality and flexibility you need. perhaps you started self-medicating with alcohol to cope with the death of a loved one; maybe anxiety disorder drove you to benzo addiction; maybe you started abusing alcohol or drugs and the changes in your brain chemistry are causing cognitive or mental health issues.

medical detox is available to address the immediate and urgent medical issues associated with your addiction. you will have a full team of experienced, qualified and invested mental health professionals at your disposal to help you on your recovery journey. we’re determined to help you heal while navigating all of your other lifestyle obligations and care concerns. if you or someone you care about has ever had to battle simultaneous addiction and mental illness, you know what a destructive impact it can have on your health, safety, career, personal relationships and quality of life. don’t wait for co-occurring addiction and mental health issues to take over your life.

treatment locators find treatment facilities and programs in the united states or u.s. territories for mental and substance use disorders. addiction treatment is far more effective when doctors address mental health and substance abuse disorders concurrently. class= every day, patients who have too often, substance abuse and mental illness are considered separate issues. in reality, about 16% of patients seeking help for addiction are also diagnosed, .

for more information, about drug rehab & dual diagnosis treatment, call . we offer addiction rehab programs in asheville, nc. many diagnosed with substance use disorder also suffer from co-occurring mental or behavioral conditions. this is known as a dual diagnosis. dual diagnosis is a common term used to describe an individual with both a mental health disorder and substance use disorder., .

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