dual diagnosis treatment

addiction is different for everyone, and many factors influence drug or alcohol misuse. for over 8 million people in the united states, substance use disorder is linked to mental illness. those with a dual diagnosis struggle with both an addiction to drugs or alcohol and a mental health condition. sometimes, individuals struggle with mental issues such as depression or anxiety, and they use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. other times, the addiction precedes the mental health disorder, as the substance alters a person’s brain chemistry and leads to psychological symptoms.

when you struggle with both a mental health issue and addiction, it’s essential to find treatment that can address both conditions simultaneously. at gateway foundation’s chicago independence center, our intake team reviews your mental health alongside your substance use patterns to develop a highly individualized treatment approach. dual diagnosis treatment provides therapies and other services focused on improving your mental health and helping you break free from addiction. from pool parties to weddings and backyard bbqs, these events … people often use substances to cope with their mental health symptoms. alcohol is one of the most widely available substances, and a drinking culture exists … alcohol is one of the most misused substances in the world, and over 18 million adults in the united states have an alcohol use disorder … the only way to know for sure if a dual diagnosis is present is to consult with an addiction treatment center specializing in co-occurring addictions and mental health disorders — such as gateway chicago independence.

treatment locators find treatment facilities and programs in the united states or u.s. territories for mental and substance use disorders. we offer a variety of drug and alcohol addiction treatment services and resources such as; intensive outpatient, detox, and sober living. life does not have to what they treat: dual diagnosis substance abuse and anxiety and depression. levels of care: outpatient. trust signals. online reviews: a accreditations: carf., .

in this guide. northern illinois recovery center, gateway foundation, dupage health, cook county health systems, and 12 other addiction treatment centers. addiction is different for everyone, and many factors influence drug or alcohol misuse. to get the right treatment, your rehab must address these underlying gateway offers dual diagnosis treatment for people with co-occurring disorders. call us to learn more about our addiction treatment programs in illinois., .

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