famous people with schizoaffective disorder

list of famous people with schizophrenia, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. symptoms of the illness include delusions, visual and auditory hallucinations, and lack of emotional intelligence. who is the most famous person with schizophrenia?

the “god only knows” singer says that he began experiencing the hallucinations when he started taking psychedelic drugs in the 60s. other famous musicians with schizophrenia include pink floyd co-founder syd barrett, derek and the dominos drummer jim gordon, and singer-songwriter roky erickson. silent film actress clara bow was diagnosed with schizophrenia and underwent over 25 shock therapy treatments. she retired from acting in 1933. other famous women with schizophrenia include veronica lake, gene tierney, and zelda fitzgerald.

before we reveal the list of famous celebrities with schizophrenia disorder, let’s open the wraps of the disorder first. he left the famous band due to mental illness and probably drug abuse and stayed in constant isolation for years. this is why he made his name in the list of celebrities with schizophrenia disorder .

this american football player was one of the celebrities with schizoaffective disorder where he faced hallucinations, was paranoid and diagnosed with this mental illness at the age of 30. he said, ‘there was extreme paranoia and irritability and it was difficult for me to get along with others. due to hard childhood and excessive abuse of drugs and alcohol, he faced mental illness. diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 23, he was the canadian born singer and songwriter. after learning the cases and number of celebrities with schizophrenia disorder, you might be able to understand that no matter who it is, mental illness doesn’t discriminate between anyone.

deceasededit jeffrey arenburg – canadian shooter of hockey player brian smith antonin artaud – french dramatist, poet, essayist, actor, and theatre director, 2. syd barrett. syd barrett : music (co-founder of pink floyd) ; 3. eduard einstein. eduard einstein : medicine but couldn’t complete studies. veronica lake, a 1940s stunner noted for her distinctive blonde, wavy hair and film noir, .

bettie page – playboy magazine miss january 1955 pin-up model. john nash – nobel prize-winning mathematician, portrayed by actor russell crowe in the movie, a, . without early diagnosis and treatment, the outcome is uncertain. due to the complexities surrounding schizophrenia, celebrities with the condition have come out to talk about their own experiences6 celebrities with schizophrenialionel aldridge. zelda fitzgerald. peter green. darrell hammond. john nash. skip spence.

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