flowering plants template

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flowering plants template

a great project to do after this craft is to grow a bean seed in a clear plastic cup (put the seed near the edge of the cup so you can see what happens to it! tasha even got a real bean off hers (she took it to school for show and tell). depending on the age of the children, you can share all or some of this info. the leaves soak up the sunlight and turn it into food. the stem moves food and water to the different parts of the plant and holds up the leaves and flowers. the intro: plants are made up of different parts. there are seven basic requirements that plants need in order to grow properly:   temperature, light, water, air, nutrients, time, and room to grow. a plant’s leaves use sunlight to turn carbon dioxide from the air, and water into food.

when the plant gets enough of these things, it produces a simple sugar, which it uses immediately or stores in a converted form of starch. but we do know that chlorophyll, the green substance in the leaves, helps it to occur. they can also serve as storage organs for sugars and carbohydrates the plant uses to carry out other functions. stems: stems allow water and nutrients absorbed by the roots to travel to the leaves, and then the food produced by the leaves is able to move to other parts of the plant. the pistil usually is located in the center of the flower and is composed of three parts: the stigma, style, and ovary. it is attached to the long, tubelike structure called the style. the style leads to the ovary which contains the female egg cells called ovules. the stamen is composed of two parts: the anther and filament. in this case, the stamen surrounds the pistil.

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flowering plants template format

the first step in designing a garden is to decide exactly what sort of garden you want. how much time, energy, and money are you prepared to devote to the task of planting and caring for a garden? these backgrounds prevent your eye from wandering all over the landscape, allowing you to focus instead on the colorful plants in front of you. the point is that if you dream of iris and peonies, daylilies and roses, asters and mums, you’ll need to put your border where it will receive ample sunshine. a depth of four feet or more allows for a difference in plant height between front and back and for enough variety to hold your interest through the season. faced with the seemingly endless variety of plants available in catalogs and garden centers, how do you choose the few you have room for in your garden? if your new garden will be in the shade and you’re at a loss for what to grow, we refer you to the list of plants at the end of the article that thrive with little or no direct sun. if your border is near the house or near where you sit outdoors, you might want to choose a color theme in which pastels predominate.

if your garden surrounds a pool that is used only in high summer, you can leave out spring bloomers and fall-flowering asters and fill the space with annuals, daylilies, phlox, and echinacea. a variety of textures brings the border to life. once you’ve narrowed your plant choices and and ruminated a bit on the principles for combining them, you’re ready to begin working on a plan. the simplest way to proceed is to choose a scale that allows you to fit the entire border on a single piece of paper. (the easiest way to show trees and shrubs on a plan is to draw circles or arcs that describe the spread of the branches.) in most cases, you’ll find a range (12 to 18 inches, for example), which is generally equal to the mature spread of the plant. with a plan in hand, you can proceed to buy plants, prepare the soil (see our “caring for your plants” brochure on our web site and the cultural instructions booklet that accompanies your order for instructions on soil preparation), and plant your garden. it’s a process, an everchanging work in progress, that requires regular intervention on the part of the gardener as the plants grow and flourish (or occasionally disappear.)

simple, but educational, parts of a plant (flower) craft template (paper craft). rating

flowering plants template download

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