help me with my anxiety

anxiety can keep you feeling trapped — and once you feel this way, it’s difficult to know how or if you can ever feel better. when you hide your anxious feelings for months or years, you perpetuate your anxiety by assuming it’s your fault. you are a good, valuable, uniquely special person. when you acknowledge your anxious feelings, you take an important step toward feeling better. you open the door to learning how to feel better. victim words perpetuate your anxiety and fear. you can learn to defeat anxiety by replacing victim words with “power” language.

the more you use it, the more toned it becomes and the more you are able to accomplish. to counteract this tendency, set goals that you can easily accomplish. when you are learning skills to handle stress and reduce your anxiety, small steps work best. some of you have been waiting for the “perfect” time to conquer your anxiety. because when you wait for something else to happen to improve your life, you’re giving away your power. you feed your anxiety and feelings of loss of control. we are asking for your support to help prevent closure of the 24/7 california peer run warm line. deanne created the conquer your anxiety success program, a simple, action-oriented “how-to” course that brings results.

a frantic phone call to 999 and a trip to the hospital later, i learned i was not dying (though i had proclaimed it loudly, and incessantly, to the nurse) but having a panic attack. over the past six years, i tried everything and anything in a bid to gain control over the disorder that, like a vine, had taken root in my mind and was slowly unfurling through my body. for a while, i practised being mindful for 45 minutes daily – but it became a chore and so i turned to mindfulness apps to help give me a focus.

i simply put my card down and accepted that i’d made the decision. i lock myself in the bathroom, put on a playlist and just move in whatever way feels right. it mainly stirred up a feeling that i was hyperventilating and the two times i tried it forced me back into a darkened room. and my first port of call would always be to visit your gp and have a conversation with them about the best way to approach your treatment.

try these steps instead: recognize and understand your anxiety: tell yourself, “my nervous system is kicking into high gear because i’m worried 1. think of yourself as a firefighter ; 2. cool down anxious thoughts ; 3. get some perspective ; 4. soothe your system ; 5. talk it out. talk to someone you trust add remove try to manage your worries add remove look after your physical health add remove try breathing exercises add remove., .

acknowledge your anxious feelings. share how you’re feeling with a trustworthy friend, partner, or relative. talk to your doctor. go to an online support group anxiety is the most common mental health condition. learn how to help someone with anxiety and what to do if a loved one has an anxiety attack. i’ve grappled with anxiety ever since my first panic attack six years ago, during an otherwise inconsequential day in june., . try these when you’re feeling anxious or stressed:take a time-out. eat well-balanced meals. limit alcohol and caffeine, which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks.get enough sleep. exercise daily to help you feel good and maintain your health. take deep breaths. count to 10 slowly. do your best. here are 11 tips for coping with an anxiety disorder:keep physically active. avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. quit smoking, and cut back or quit drinking caffeinated beverages. use stress management and relaxation techniques. make sleep a priority. eat healthy foods. learn about your disorder.

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