high functioning borderline personality disorder

behind the screen, however, you suffer from intense loneliness, shame, and may be extremely critical of yourself. even when you try to seek help, you may be let down by the system. this part of you thinks and feels like a frightened child. you may believe that people only want to see the competent, “normal” part of you. a part of you even fears that as soon as a crack is revealed, a floodgate would open, and you would not be able to recover yourself.

unfortunately, by being “anorexic” to love and affection, you are neglecting to see the gifts and qualities that others see in you. you may also have resorted to using substances or addictive behaviors as a part of your dissociative strategies. you have dislodged the part of you that is vulnerable, hurt, and angry to the basement of your psyche and pretended that it was never there. the part of you that has been split off—your “splinter personality”—is waiting to be remembered and re-accepted into your inner family. at the end of this alchemical process, you would have regained your ability to love, soften, connect with others, and feel alive.

on the other hand, a “high-functioning” bpd can often hide their disorder more effectively and are less likely to get needed bpd treatment. in her version of events, it is my brother who refused to amend his behavior according to their therapist’s recommendation. a high-functioning borderline person will have less resistance to treatment if she feels the great loss as a consequence of her own impulsive action. the court prior to this assumed i was the abuser, but then overturned everything and she had to undergo a mental health assessment. my wife is a “transparent borderline.” she is so cunning in her slander of me with her friends and family.

he must be the problem.” in my opinion, the worst part of a “transparent bpd” is that they are stable enough to love. i had to leave, she had been slandering me to the police and her neurotic father (no doubt the source of her bpd) comes over to harass me. in talking with a therapist who actually listens to me, we have come to the conclusion she is also a narcissist. it is often difficult to realize that you can love someone and not like what they are doing. the fact is that i do love her but i do not have to be hurt all the time.

high-functioning may mean that you can make it through the day with bpd while hiding your turmoil from others. perhaps you keep others at high-functioning bpd symptoms tend to only come out in “pockets,” such as when one is triggered by certain people or situations. high-functioning borderline personality disorder (high-functioning bpd) is the result of multiple defence mechanisms such as splitting, dissociation,, .

having quiet borderline personality disorder (bpd) u2014 aka u201chigh-functioningu201d bpd u2014 means that you often direct thoughts and feelings inward rather than outward. as a result, you may experience the intense, turbulent thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that characterize bpd, but you try to hide them from others. signs and symptoms of quiet borderline personality disorder ; suffering internally with extreme emotional pain feeling as though things affect them more than some people with quiet bpd can hide their condition and appear successful, independent, and overall high functioning. you might be able to hold according to the national institute of mental health (nimh),1 “borderline personality disorder is an illness marked by an ongoing pattern of, .

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