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qualified homeopathic practitioner practicing in blackheath, south east london; blogging about homeopathy and the homeopathic process. ongoing anxiety can make a person imagine that things in their life are worse than they really are, which in turn can prevent them from confronting their fears whilst and cause a lot of suffering. many homeopathic remedies cover broad symptoms, such as fear and anxiety, but in order to find a truly effective remedy it must match the individualising symptoms of the patient’s case. for example, the remedy arsenicum by the feeling that the world is a threatening and chaotic place, the remedy aconite feels acute and uncontrollable panic, and the remedy stramonium feels they’re in a life threatening situation and responds with a flight or fight reaction(eg. arsencium: the main feeling is that the world is a threatening and chaotic place and arsenicum feels weak and defenceless within it. this vulnerable feeing leads to loneliness and dependency on others with a constant need for reassurance. restlessness can be strong in arsenicum and it is also one of the main remedies for compulsive behaviour. aconite: the main feeling of aconite is of a sudden and intense threat.

this can arise from a fear of walking across a busy street, of an accident, of suffocation, or that you are about to die. often the feeling is one of a life and death situation. this could arise in a crowd of people, in closed spaces, tunnels, bridges, aeroplanes, any place that is blocked or high places. arg nit is anxious to be in control in critical situations so that they can find their way out, for example they will sit near an exit in a theatre or in an aisle seat of public transport to escape quickly. stramonium feels helpless, as though abandoned and left in a terrifying place. fear of darkness and a longing for sunshine, light and company is strong. stramonium lives in fear that there is some kind of immediate danger, they feel disorientated, they stammer, and will kick, bite and scratch to escape. specific fears of violence, cemeteries, ghosts, water, suffocation, strangers, demons, tunnels and animals.

aconitum napellus. a panic attack that comes on suddenly with very strong fear (even fear of death) may indicate this remedy. argentum nitricum arsenicum lycopodium – homeopathic medicine for fear and weak memory. lycopodium is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of failure with weak memory. the person here are my top 7 homeopathic first aid remedies to help ease anxiety and the indications for use: ; 1. arsenicum album ; 2. aconite ; 3. gelsemium ; 4. argentum, .

homeopathic medicine for fear 1- rescue remedy 30ch 2 drops 3 times a day 2- aconite 30ch 2 drops 3 times a day whatsapp number homeopathy aconite: some people believe this can help treat acute anxiety attacks. argentum nitricum: practitioners may suggest this for individuals who have aconite: for acute situations when sudden fears overtake us rapidly. sudden fear and anxiety with agitation, restlessness, flushed face. there, . homeopathic remedies for panic attacks and anxietyaconite. homeopathy practitioners recommend aconite for intense, sudden anxiety, panic, or fear. argentum nitricum. arsenicum album. calcarea carbonica. gelsemium. ignatia. kali arsenicosum. kali phophoricum.

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