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hpi image template

just clone or download smalltalkci and then you are able to initiate a local build in headful mode like this: please note: all builds will be stored in _builds within smalltalkci’s directory. smalltalkci requires a .smalltalk.ston configuration file which can be customized for a project to cover various use cases. one or more of those loading specifications have to be provided in the #loading list as part of a smalltalkcispec. if a #directory is specified, the project will be loaded using filetree/metacello from the given directory. it is possible to load the latest version of packages from a remote repository (#packages) or specific versions (#versions).

the default list can be replaced by a list of all testcases that are present in the image by setting #alltestcases to true. smalltalkci supports coverage testing and sends coverage results automatically to coveralls.io when the feature is enabled and when running on travis ci or appveyor. in order to enable coverage testing in smalltalkci, the #testing slot needs to contain a #coverage dictionary. smalltalkci is able to file in single files, lists of files, and scicustomscripts which can be used to only run certain scripts on certain platforms. it is possible to select a different smalltalkci branch or fork for testing/debugging purposes by adding the following to the .travis.yml:

template for clinical soap note format. subjective – the “history” section. hpi: include symptom dimensions, chronological narrative of patient’s complains,. pediatric history and physical exam template informant: mother primary care physician: dr. hpi: this is an established patient. an image tagged ye create a .travis.yml and specifiy the smalltalk image(s) you want your project to be create a .smalltalk.ston (see below for templates) and specify how to load , soapie template, soapie template, clinic note template, chart notes template, soap template pdf

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each type of history includes some or all of the following elements: coordination of care with other providers can be used in case management codes. time is used when counseling and/or coordination of care is more than 50 percent of your encounter. the extent of history of present illness, review of systems, and past, family and/or social history that is obtained and documented is dependent upon clinical judgment and the nature of the presenting problem(s).

to qualify for a given type of history, all three elements in the history table must be met. chief complaint (cc): a concise statement describing the reason for the encounter. the cc can be included in the description of the history of the present illness or as a separate statement in the medical record. history of present illness (hpi): a description of the development of the patient’s present illness.