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infectious disease consult note template

the top two-thirds of the last page was for diagnostic impressions and recommendations for additional testing and treatment, to be completed by the trainee performing the consultation. this was probably the result of fatigue from having to fill in the first three pages by hand, and then having only limited space on the final page. since most of this information is already in the medical record, to require that it be documented again in the consultation note is unnecessary duplication.

if the only part of the consultation perused in depth consists merely of lists of diagnoses, recommended tests, and therapy and does not include the consultant’s critical reasoning underlying them, the educational value of the consultation is lost. if only previously unrecorded data and corrections to existing information are documented, the referring team is more likely to read the note because it points out relevant information that has been overlooked. use of this website is subject to the disclaimer and privacy policy.

all the members of the infectious diseases team, including residents, students, the fellow on the initial consult note, as well as on all progress notes, please indicate in the top right corner of your this note should be in the form of a letter. a. case discussed between attending physician and training physician. 1. university of miami infectious diseases. progress note. date: patient name medical transcription reference – transcribed mt example reports.,

infectious disease consult note template format

unlike house, real infectious disease specialists do not tend to do the procedures themselves be it drainage of an empyema (lung space infection) or resection of a brain abscess, nor do we primarily read the images. while we welcome the work, there’s something to be said in the how and why of obtaining a consultation from us. the medical world already thinks us verbose in our consultations; and i did state above that we generate very wide differential diagnoses, so do yourself a favour and ask us a specific question or two. poor planning on your part does not a medical emergency for us make, especially when the patient has been hospitalized for more than a day. it’s medical folklore that if you want to know what happened to a patient during the hospital course you read the infectious disease consultation note because everything will be in there in a chronological order…because of our tendency to be comprehensive and verbose. invite me early in the case to evaluate the patient and i may agree with you in the end that the patient is better off on intravenous antibiotics and will gladly make arrangements for home intravenous antibiotics and will assume management of any complications with the picc or the antibiotics.

do tell the patient that you have asked us to see them and for what purpose. but i realize in some community hospitals, the requesting physician is not really asking for id recommendations but rather is asking for id to take over a part of the patient’s care. that said, i have a few hints for any budding infectious disease specialists out there as to how to be an effective consultant. i think the real question though is do you have analytical skills? jobs – in the us yes there are jobs but it really depends on what you are willing to do as part of your practice and where you are willing to live. we hardly go back in to the hospital after we leave for the day and that’s a huge plus. id physicians earn at the lower end of the physician salary scale.

patient name: mrn: date: ______. time: ______. infectious diseases consultation. requested by: reason for consult: patient seen and examined with attending infectious diseases. consultation. date:______ time: consult requested by dr. i have reviewed detailed consult note of id resident/fellow (​dr. 2014-09-16. allergy and otolaryngology, infectious disease. tags: calculator. loading infectious disease. loading infectious disease. loading tags: note., ,