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infectious disease consult template

o    students will report patient findings to the fellow o    resident report findings to the fellow and attending o    fellow closely communicates with the attending what is the question that is being asked? a more directed history is appropriate * in other cases extent of history will depend on the question you are being asked to answer. o results of new diagnostic tests – for each active problem give (most important section for learning): o  impressions * when appropriate give your differential diagnosis * is this problem improving, worsening, or staying the same?

– recommendations o diagnostic * list blood tests * radiologic tests * other tests o treatment * does the patient require antibiotics? all patients seen as consultations do not need an appointment to clinic) – need to carefully define the therapeutic plan for discharge – separate dictation once the diagnosis and treatment plans are verified. together we care for our patients and our communities.

the infectious disease service should be the first to know infectious disease information about our patients. the fellow should know all patients, but need not write a note except at lbj or if the attending so indicates. ordinarily the fellow should know before rounds what the attending knows after rounds. the purpose and intent of this document is to provide a template for the use of hospital administration and planning personnel to identify and communicate key elements of the policy and procedures for screening, identification and initial management of a suspected serious infectious disease patient. patient name: mrn: date: ______. time: ______. infectious diseases consultation. requested by: reason for consult: patient seen and examined with attending ,

infectious disease consult template format

the objectives of this survey were to describe requesting physicians’ experiences regarding id consultations. the most frequent purposes of requests are related to therapeutic and diagnostic recommendations. working hour coverage was provided by both a resident and a board-certified specialist, whereas overnight and weekend coverage was only provided by one of the five board-certified specialists working in the id department. the secondary outcomes were frequency of consultation requests and declared adherence to therapeutic and diagnostic recommendations. the most frequent reasons for requesting consultations were to obtain therapeutic recommendations (93%) and to improve the quality of care (73%) (table ​(table2).2).

the most frequent suggestions were to provide direct access to a board-certified id specialist and to improve the traceability of specialists’ recommendations. positive comments were mostly related to the quality and usefulness of the id consultation. the most frequent reasons for requesting id specialist consultations were to obtain therapeutic advice and to improve quality of care, consistent with other studies [12,13]. another frequent suggestion made by the requesting physicians was to reach only board-certified id specialists and not residents. it is likely that those who participated in the study were the most likely to be aware of this consultation service, but we cannot exclude that physicians who answered may have had a better opinion regarding id consultations than those who did not. pp, jps and sg contributed to the acquisition of data.

medical transcription reference – transcribed mt example reports. case discussed between attending physician and training physician. 1. university of miami infectious diseases. progress note. date: patient name “important note” when dictating clinic notes, care should be taken to correctly common infectious diseases including incidence, transmission, host and , ,

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albany, ny – a primary medical team at albany medical center (amc) is bracing themselves for the worst, as infectious diseases (id) has just dropped an epic consult note, a note so long that it starts off with the opener “once upon a time…” “oh geez, this one’s gonna hurt,” said medicine resident stephen jenkins, looking upon the three-inch thick hardcover consult note, which is complete with table of contents. once upon a time?”  he wiped his brow, realizing this patient won’t be discharged any time soon now that id is involved.

“i heard that the consult note is as long as war & peace with possibly more character development. in a consult note!” id has always had a knack for writing the thorough if not epic consult. (id cannot bill unless their consult note is greater than 3,000 words.)