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a degree in school counseling, school psychology or another field that is not registered as leading to licensure in new york or accredited as a clinical mental health counseling program by cacrep may not meet the education requirements for mental health counseling. to meet the experience requirement for licensure as a mental health counselor, you must submit documentation of completion of a supervised experience of at least 3,000 clock hours providing mental health counseling in a setting acceptable to the department. in new york state, the experience must be under a limited permit issued by the department for a specific setting under a qualified supervisor (see below).

the setting where the experience is obtained must be a location where legally authorized individuals provide services that constitute the practice of mental health counseling, as defined in education law, and must be responsible for the services provided by individuals gaining experience for licensure. if you cannot certify 5 years of acceptable post-licensure experience in the 10 years prior to applying for a new york state license, you are not eligible for licensure by endorsement and must apply as an applicant for initial licensure. to request an extension of your limited permit, you must submit a new application for limited permit (form 5) and a fee of $70 along with a justification for the extension. when you return to work at that setting or another, you would submit a new permit application for review and approval by the department.

for those aspiring to begin a career in the mental health industry, becoming a licensed mental health counselor (lmhc) is the ultimate goal. according to, licensed mental health counselors earn an average starting salary of $74,200â  to $84,000 per year. to become a licensed mental health counselor, you’ll first need to complete a relevant undergraduate degree, the required graduate-level education, and post-graduate clinical work. however, some of the most common undergraduate degrees held by individuals who later pursue a career as a licensed mental health counselor include: but what if you’ve already completed an undergraduate degree unrelated to psychology or counseling?

once you have completed your bachelor’s degree (and perhaps spent some time working in an entry-level position in the field or shadowing other professionals), the next step to becoming an lmhc is to complete a relevant master’s degree. “a major part of the training is the fact that you’re at a placement, practicing the skills you’ve learned and that you’ll leverage throughout your career.” once you have earned your master’s degree, you’ll need to complete a certain number of post-master’s clinical hours in order to qualify for licensure, bradley explains. finally, to qualify for licensure, you will need to pass the specific exam required by your state licensing board. a significant part of becoming a licensed mental health counselor is ensuring that you have completed the required education and training at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. when choosing a master’s-level program to enroll in, bradley recommends that you evaluate your shortlist of programs by: jumpstart your future today.

the state of florida’s online resource for clinical social workers, marriage & family therapists and mental health counselor licensing, renewals and to meet the experience requirement for licensure as a mental health counselor, you must submit documentation of completion of a supervised complete an undergraduate degree: 4 years on average ; complete a master’s-level degree: 2-3 years on average ; complete post-graduate clinical, office of professions / mental health counseling phone number, licensed professional counselor, licensed professional counselor.

at least 100 hours must be in immediate supervision with an approved licensed mental health counselor or equally qualified licensed mental health practitioner. florida lmhc licensure requires a passing score on the national clinical mental health counseling examination (ncmhce). the ncmhce tests knowledge of assessment a mental health counselor is a licensed professional (commonly known as an lpc or lmhc) who provides care for clients, .

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