living with mental illness

i have been diagnosed with a long list of mental illnesses. out of all of them, bpd affects my life the most. from pre-school to elementary, i would cry the night before, the morning of and during school because i wanted to be with my mother. i did not want to be separated from my mother because i was afraid of being left behind. in addition, people with bpd put someone they just met on a pedestal, then immediately drops them if the person says/does something they do not like/approve of. having bpd distorts the mind, leaving the person unable to think clearly and logically. i have been in and out of the psychiatric ward at the hospital because of bpd. every time i am released from the psychiatric ward i am hopeful and optimistic, praying that this will be the last time i will be in the psychiatric ward. bpd is a life-long illness. there is a specific type of therapy for people with bpd called dialectical behavior therapy (dbt). it also teaches skills on how to communicate, handle basic everyday tasks, to control intense feelings, and decrease self-destruction behavior. it involves individual and group therapy and it takes about a year or longer to go through all the steps of dbt.

where i live, mental health resources are limited, therefore, it is very hard to receive dbt. when i am stressed my symptoms increase, i still act impulsively and i have fits of rage, which usually involves me trashing my room. bpd does not define who i am. i went to a university and graduated with my bachelors. i am a survivor. i am not ashamed of my mental health conditions. for those of you out there who are suffering from a mental illness, please get help. it’s okay to not be okay and to say so. mental illness is real and everyone’s story is different. there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. it will be hard—in fact, probably the hardest thing you ever experience in your life—but it’s worth it. the following are trademarks of nami: nami, nami basics, nami connection, nami ending the silence, nami faithnet, nami family & friends, nami family support group, nami family-to-family, nami grading the states, nami hearts & minds, nami homefront, nami helpline, nami in our own voice, nami on campus, nami parents & teachers as allies, nami peer-to-peer, nami provider, nami smarts for advocacy, act4mentalhealth, vote4mentalhealth, namiwalks and national alliance on mental illness.

our mission is to deliver a better life for people severely affected by mental illness. there are many medications in mental health and it’s often difficult to know how to know which is the best for you. mental health treatment covers a range of things people can do to get more control and a better quality of life. staying fit and active if you have mental illness can be a challenge – that is why this autumn we have teamed up with sport england and fifteen other charities to promote the benefits of staying healthy.

looking after your wellbeing is important when you have a mental illness. because of our incredible supporters, who fundraise on our behalf and give generous gifts, we can support tens of thousands of people every year. our wonderful volunteers support our work in many different ways – from backing our campaigns, to reviewing our expert information, to shaping our work as a regional committee member. we have a wide range of passionate and talented employees who do their utmost to raise awareness of mental health issues and provide people severely affected by mental illness with the support they need.

living with mental illness can sometimes lead to challenges balancing work, finances and home life. finding a stable job and housing can help you on your path i have been diagnosed with a long list of mental illnesses. i live with severe depression and anxiety, ptsd, adhd and borderline personality disorder. tips for living well with a serious mental illness stick to a treatment plan. even if you feel better, don’t stop going to therapy or taking, .

mental illness can affect many areas of your life but we are here to help. this section has information about treatments, medication and support. but it’s important to take care of your own needs. try to eat healthy meals, get some exercise, and get enough sleep. making time to do things you enjoy will “when you are living with mental illness you can still be a normal functioning adult but be fighting a constant battle inside yourself. when every single step, .

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