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she is the opposite of society’s lyrical definitions of love. on the surface, love and joe do seem to be an ideal match. but these past relationships have shaped their respective definitions of what it means to love and be loved in very different ways. and the unbridled rage that burns in her eyes when she brandishes a murder weapon is unparalleled. but as the female sibling, love was placed in the role of caretaker to forty. she kicks off a missive to her brother by wondering why she cheated on joe with the teenaged neighbor.

season 2 of ‘you,’ on netflix, shifts the action to los angeles — and sends up a number of stereotypes about the city along the way. so instead of hitting the eject button with joe, she decides to dig in. joe is content to activate his relationship parachute and find another empty obsession; love is committed until death do they part. it’s telling her that she can’t save this marriage; she needs to get rid of joe to be free. as joe stabs love with a syringe filled with her very own poison, she utters some of the most haunting final words in tv history: “we’re perfect for each other, but bad for henry. qualey is a licensed therapist specializing in addiction and trauma with more than a decade of experience in the field.

scott did say, though, that the closest clinical diagnosis to a “psychopath” or “sociopath” is antisocial personality disorder, and that goldberg does indeed show some hallmark traits of the disorder. according to the national institutes of health, people with antisocial personality disorder lack empathy, and as a result, may act in ways that society considers morally unsound, like manipulating others to get what they want or violating another’s privacy. goldberg committed all of these heinous and unlawful acts without showing remorse and did so for his own benefit — in this case, being closer to beck — which suggests he could be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, scott said.

season 2 of “you” gets deeper into goldberg’s past and uncovers clues that suggest he actually has an attachment disorder, according to scott. it can come out in parenting and using your child to meet your own needs in a way that is massively detrimental to your child’s needs,” like goldberg’s mother is seen doing in flashbacks during season 2. these flashbacks help viewers better understand the root cause of goldberg’s behavior and, according to scott, these scenes led her to believe goldberg acts how he does not because he lacks empathy and has antisocial personality disorder, but because his violent and turbulent childhood caused him to develop an attachment disorder. according to scott, a season 2 scene when goldberg looks distraught after he learns his landlord delilah has been killed proves that goldberg does indeed have empathy and therefore doesn’t have antisocial personality disorder.

obviously it’s a show but the writers did an amazing job at showing that love is complex and has mental health issues due to her childhood/ the answer varies depending upon the source, but it appears that the most common disorders are severe cognitive impairment, dementia, depression and anxiety. love quinn is not patient. she is not kind. she is full of envy. and she is quite easily angered. she is the opposite of society’s lyrical, love quinn mental illness reddit, love quinn mental illness reddit, love quinn character analysis, does love quinn have bpd, is love quinn a sociopath or psychopath.

seen mostly through joe’s first-person perspective as a lovable, if not a bit naxefve, young woman longing for love after experiencing her own trauma, she is revealed to be suffering from severe ptsd. watch this in-depth character analysis of love quinn from in reality, very few people with mental illness behave like this in his love interest beck’s boyfriend, over the head with a mallet, in season 3 of ‘you’ love quinn proved that she’s way worse than joe goldberg, and, in fact, is the real psychopath of the netflix series., what mental illness does love from you have, love quinn personality type.

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