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make up assignments template

and i wanted a system that put the responsibility back on the students. the first thing i give my students at the beginning of each marking period is a calendar/ syllabus. i have also turned in my calendars as “artifacts” of my “effectiveness” as a teacher, so for those of you teaching in common core states, this is a great tool you can use to show how you are implementing the standards. i add to this log diligently at the end of every. so, each day, i write a brief narrative of what we did in class and what a student needs to do to make up missed work. i typically do make a class set of these documents, but if a student wants his/her own copy, he/she can go to the make-up work log to get one.

so for these students, i print out the make-up work log and handouts and put them into a folder that i give the student in class. not only is the make-up work log an excellent tool for managing absent work, but it is also a great resource for students that were present in class! you can always print out your log weekly and hang it in your classroom to create a trifecta of communication—the assignments are on the calendar, the make-up work log, and in your classroom! i am in love with this bin because it separates make-up work from the other work that students give me, and i can get to it when i can get to it. i would say that to make this plan work, you should plan on giving quizzes and tests only on specific days of the week with the expectation that the student makes up the assessment at the very next scheduled make-up time slot. this is the person the student goes to for make-up work and to get notes. all in all, there are lots of ways to navigate the issue of make-up work.

results 1 – 24 of 17995 browse make up assignment resources on teachers pay teachers, these templates will make it easier for you and the student and the use this time-saving template to type or write homework assignments for students who are absent.​ it’s saved in microsoft word, so you can customize the fields to suit your needs.​ report this resource to let us know if this resource violates tpt’s content guidelines. make-up assignments form – when students are absent, assign another classroom seating chart attendance, grade sheet and behavior tracking template., make up assignment meaning, make up assignment meaning, make up or makeup, make up work form, make up work log

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when you miss a choir class you will need to complete a make up assignment. you can find the assignment in your google classroom drive.   click on assignment 1 sample a and watch the video. then click on assignment 1 sample b and watch a different version of the same song. after you have watched both videos read the instructions and complete the make up assignment. if you have questions, feel free to ask! please note: one assignment covers up to 3 absences. you only have to do assignment 1 to cover being sick 3 consecutive days! the next time you are absent, be sure to do assignment #2.     ==>blank makeup assignment<== 2 – i just can’t wait to be king assignment 2 listening sample a 2 – i just can’t wait to be king assignment 2 listening sample b

homework/make-up work. the board of education believes that homework relevant to material presented in class provides an opportunity for students to make-up work is one of the biggest headaches for teachers, here is a sample calendar for an honors sophomore english class from 2012: the calendar communicates to students their assignments upfront, so if a student for make-up work. it is the student’s responsibility to find out what work was missed and assignments will be provided upon the students return to school, this​ , , make up assignment meaning, make up or makeup, make up work form, make up work log

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“due dates for every assignment are provided on the course syllabus and course schedule (and posted in canvas). unless otherwise stated, assignments are due on those days. however, i recognize that sometimes “life happens.” in these instances, you may use your allotted two flex days. these days allow you to submit an assignment up to two days late without penalty. you can use these days for any assignment and for any reason. you do not need to provide me with the reason: simply email me and tell me how many of your flex days you would like to use. once you’ve exhausted your flex days, then point deductions will occur for any assignment submitted after the deadline. an assignment submitted 24 hours of the due date will only be eligible for 80% of the maximum number of point allotted. assignments submitted more than 24 hours after the due date will not be accepted. if you experience extenuating circumstances (e.g., you are hospitalized) that prohibit you from submitting your assignments on time, please let me know. i will evaluate these instances on a case-by-case basis.”