manipulative mother syndrome

one of her best manipulative tricks is to pin you and your siblings against each other, so you can be vying for her love and approval. this is just a part of her pattern to idealize and then devalue people. she knows that she can elicit your guilt this way, and guilt is a gateway to having power over you. i know you know this but…i want to say it anyway: it’s not your fault!!! i was very gulliable and trusting of my mother she talked me into it. she didn’t look at me as her son i was just the guy to get her out of trouble. i ended up bringing up everything from the past because i was so angry with the way she acts and the disrespect to my wife and her family i couldn’t take it anymore she has to be the center of attention. i hope to reconnect with my brother one day but it will never happen as long as she is in his life. i still am expected to be normal with my family to have a family. i have had to learn this over the past 7 years since i went “no contact” with my mother and my siblings. as i got older, it was apparent to me that she was not right. but before she died, she had to add insult to injury with the smears of me, separating me from my brother and the will change. they called her and said i was well enough to go. i was crushed to know that she kept quiet and allowed me to be molested by him the many times after!! she would rather have everyone in the family including my own siblings hate me and want nothing to do with me than to look bad in the eyes of anyone. i don’t know what to do or who to talk to that would be trained in how to understand me and help me. i can go back to when i was 8 and my mother screaming at me she hated me. i recently opened up to one of my brothers about it and i was told i can no longer have contact with her unless going through him. i look back to those times and feel great heartache for my mother because i could see the hurt in her eyes when she would watch this, but it was also as if she had to maintain giving away affection in front of him. they proceeded to follow me to the hotel i booked and called my mother as per her request for safety’s sake. i moved to florida close to my parents launched a business and my parents helped me with my daughter. now my mother was in the hospital up in ny and i was told not to fly up because my sister and her husband would be able to visit if i took one of their slots. i dont know if she got this article from a therapist or found it on her own, but it is extremely damaging to her. she expects me to read her mind when she needs something and if i dont im a terrible daughter. everything i or my brother does for her which is a lot she doesnt remember even if it is everyday so she can play the victim and the only one who does anything for anyone. her step mother and i are not in good terms since she meddles a lot, and refuse to ever step back. but i do tried to contact her how she was doing and stuff, and sometimes i am lucky enough to receive a reply. all she knew was the unthinkable, her mother wanted to destroy her. somehow, my determination to get a normal life and lots of work has rewarded me with a career, husband and children. the beatings started when i was a preschooler, i remmeber she decided to teach me alphabets at home and beat me up brutally. and you know i never had a problem with this my entire life. so many people notice how she wants to be the centre of attention and don’t let me get the spotlight. when i got my first period she said the most disgusting things to me and would hit my breasts saying where have toh been whoring around whyre they so big. my hair with all her strtength for 5 mins straight and i was legit about to pass out due to all that pain. and on top of that she’d force me to run on the treadmill and go to the gym with her while my brothers and cousins had fun at home. and yes my weight did go down real fast and i was at the top of the world for about a year and half after rhag. have a huge infection on my leg for about a month and i don’t care about getting treated. i want her to live with the pain.

and i want the world to know what she did to me, nothing will make me change my mind cuz i’ve been thinking about it for almost a year but now i’m ready to go. i know i will remember her saying that for the rest of my life, amongst the many other things she has put me through. i wish i was still in my 20″s and faced her earlier. i would like her to stay out of my room. i have most definitely worked on the things with my mother and have almost gotten to the point of letting her be and i move on with my life. there is no reason for her to talk to you in a demeaning way, you could always remind her to speak to you with respect and dignity as every parent deserves. he is toxic, manipulative and worst of all seeks every opportunity to drive a wedge between me and our children. in regards to some being upset the article is gender-specific, the article helped me, a daughter of a single mother and i appreciated it. my situation was made to look and feel more like a game so i was never able to fully recognize it. however, over the years i realized that this was just a part of the whole equation. she was my primary caregiver and i often spent way more time with her. i have adhd and depression so sometimes it’s hard to do my class work and she doesn’t make it any better. my family members left me, the scape goat to fend for my self and figure out how to deal with her and i suffered *so* much. i have nowhere to go and wish i was dead most of the time. i’m not well enough to live in my car, i don’t have anywhere to go and if i try to leave she won’t let me take my property. i know of many resources and people that will help, and i am here to help also in any way i can. when i got into a relationship she would come in my room and tell me to stop talking because just the idea that i am up at night makes her not to sleep. learning to stand up for yourself and set boundaries for how you want to be treated is a normal part of growing up. she fed him and i got all the crap for his weight. she was last over my place in dec. and her last words to me were ” i wish i could’ve given your father the daughter he always wanted. it’s actually liberating for me and i’ve found others in my life to affirm who i am and that i’m a good dad. everything that you wrote is what my mom is with me and my anxiety doesn’t let me cut her off completely because of the guilt. now my oldest daughter is fighting her own battle with her mom and i couldn’t quite put my finger on what to make of all of it. well my mother was over and i explained to her my feelings and she has her friend over to visit my kids. guilt tripped me because of the cake she wanted to order and how me and my wife like everybody else except them. but i know you can see through it, and she can’t manipulate you as easily as before. i live with her and grandma. a lot of change in perception, a lot of change in the way i talk to people and i believe its natural for a person to change post adolescence. she even told me not to share my class assignments with her and i should obey her since she’s my mother. so now i’m stuck going to a community college and i have to live here with her for one more year until i get my stuff together this year. i got her the most costly treatment and even nursed her when she was bed-ridden. this is toxic to children and to a healthy relationship between a mother and a child. i can go on with things she always says to me and later denies. she’s happy that i’m single, she loves a former guy i used to go out with and my relationship with him hasn’t been the best. a passer by notices this and asks the monk “why are you trying to save the scorpion when all it does is sting you”. i just wonder, convenient now that i am able to care for myself i choose to abandon and disregard everything she did for me when i was a child. you confronted you mother about the way she speaks to you, and now you feel guilty about it. i know you’ve suffered so much, and you did nothing to deserve it.

in our youth, we believe they can do no wrong and might not be able to see that they’re really not doing their best for us. this is often used in a selfish manner to get to either go along with what they want you to do or to get you to come around their way of thinking. you tell your mother who doesn’t even let you finish your sentence because she doesn’t want to hear an uncomfortable truth about a member of the family – her brother. gaslighting is one the most insidious of all manipulation tactics as it can leave you genuinely questioning your sanity. they might show love only conditionally when they want to do something for them or something that meets their approval and matches their expectation of how you should behave.

if you’ve never been able to gain your parent’s approval no matter how hard you try, and how closely your try and match their expectations this could be the reason why… it’s not your fault. let’s say you want to learn a musical instrument, you want to play the guitar. you hold up your end of the bargain, and when the day comes they say, bring up the fact your grades haven’t been the best recently and maybe the distraction of a guitar isn’t the best thing until you bring them back up. it’s ok for your parents to help you financially and provide emotional support when making decisions, but if this is preventing you from making any of your own choices, you’ll forever be stuck in their orbit unable to break free of their gravitational pull. ***if you think you might benefit from speaking to someone about the issues in this article, we offer a free 15-minute consultation with one of our specialists to help you find the best way to move forward. retrieved on 23rd july 2021 from, /health/mental-health/family-manipulation psychology today (31st august 2020) 3 (more) tactics of manipulative parents.

a manipulative mother lies about big things, and little things she doesn’t have to lie about. she just lies habitually, and she’s good at it. not having a chance to share your feelings being interrupted or talked over having your concerns dismissed punishing you for showing emotion most family dynamics involve some degree of manipulation. some manipulative behaviors, like your mother’s yearly guilt trip,, is my mom manipulative quiz, is my mom manipulative quiz, handle an emotionally manipulative mother, narcissistic mother, child manipulation by a parent.

your manipulative mother may present herself as a caring mother, wife, and community member who takes care of everyone but is actually always about herself. she may intentionally use manipulation to make you feel guilty for not fulfilling her needs and gain control over you. all these behavioral traits are inherently manipulative, but some toxic mothers display alarming skills in the dark art of negative a study of parents [3] identified two cognitions that predicted manipulative parenting behaviors: sensitivity to hurt and disapproval of a mother with narcissistic personality disorder cannot give their children adequate attention and nurturing. their entitlement often results, emotionally manipulative parents, how to deal with a daughter who is manipulative.

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