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1 in 5 women and childbearing people will experience a mental health condition or substance use disorder during pregnancy or postpartum the cost of not treating maternal mental health conditions is $32,000 per mother-infant pair totaling $14.2 billion nationally suicide and overdose are the leading causes of death for women and childbearing people in the first year following pregnancy sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, along with information on events and learning opportunities, additional resources, and updates from the field of maternal mental health. mmhla is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the mental health of women and childbearing people in the united states by advocating for universal education, screening, prevention, and treatment of mental health conditions during pregnancy and year following pregnancy.

hotline is the latest move of the biden-harris administration to strengthen both maternal health and mental health; president’s fy23 budget would double the initial investment in the hotline. “this new maternal mental health hotline will not only advance our priorities of tackling the nation’s mental health crisis, but also support our efforts to ensure healthy pregnancies and support new parents.” this announcement, being made during maternal mental health awareness week and mental health awareness month, supports president biden’s whole-of-government strategy to transform mental health services for all americans—a key part of the president’s unity agenda that is reflected in the president’s fiscal year 2023 budget. “today, we are creating a safe space for expecting and new moms who are experiencing maternal depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns to have confidential conversations and get the support they need,” said hrsa administrator carole johnson.

the maternal mental health hotline reflects the biden-harris administration’s comprehensive approach to improving maternal health and equity since the president and vice president first took office. the launch of this hotline is part of hhs ongoing efforts to support safe pregnancies and childbirth, and eliminate pregnancy-related health disparities. hhs also recently released a $4.5 million funding opportunity to expand community-based doulas in areas with high rates of adverse maternal and infant health outcomes. tty users can use a preferred relay service or dial 711 and then 1-833-943-5746. the maternal mental health hotline is not intended as an emergency response line and individuals in behavioral health crisis should continue to contact the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-talk (8255).

maternal mental health now was founded in 2007 by kimberly wong following her experience with severe postpartum depression. learn more about our maternal mental health conditions are the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth, affecting 1 in 5 women and childbearing people during the hrsa launches maternal mental health hotline, a new, confidential, toll-free hotline for expecting and new moms experiencing mental health, .

maternal mental health (mmh) disorders include a range of disorders and symptoms, including but not limited to depression, anxiety and psychosis. these disorders and symptoms can occur during pregnancy and/or the postpartum period (together often referred to as the perinatal period). maternal mental health disorders typically occur in what is called the perinatal period. this includes the prenatal period, or time that a woman is pregnant yet 1 in 3 pregnant people experience clinically significant anxiety or depression symptoms during or after pregnancy. an emotionally healthy maternal mental health conditions, such as anxiety, perinatal and postpartum depression, birth-related ptsd, are the most common, .

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