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the younger royals — and now merkle — have been enthusiastic participants in this broader discourse on mental health, which relies on a definition of mental illness that is both expansive and depoliticised. the conversation is dominated by positivity and the memeification of a battle won… it tends to focus on depression and anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. the public response to markle’s disclosure is entirely in keeping with the conversation, which — with celebrity and royal assistance — has succeeded in normalising a very narrow band of mental illnesses, but has also stripped away any semblance of political critique. gordon is a god-awful woman and typical of too many at the broadsheets now. to do this they invented “ depression” called it a mental illlness and went on very successfully to this day to sell about £50 billion of anti- depressants. but i resent that a disclosure is so obviously being used to market the discloser. pain and suffering (real or imagined) is the new currency of power in a world where stoicism is no longer highly treasured but looked upon as a kind of emotional stuntedness. it is a terrible indictment of our culture that the dribblings of third-rate actress are considered newsworthy simply because she is pretty enough to have bedded a public figure. a sad and frustrated dutches complaining so publicly (and profitably) about her alleged lack of attention and support does immeasurable damage to the cause of real mental health. which is why it is beyond despicable to lie about it for the purposes of personal advancement. she could have just called her gp and asked him for a therapist or a psychiatrist.why go to the “institution”, whatever that means? emotional issues, such as when you leave family and country to live with a new spouse, exist to tell you that you need give yourself space, take your time, and come to an accomodation with the new circumstances. anyway, the fact is that treating mental illness usually takes a lot more than opening up about it – many illnesses are extremely hard to treat. i don’t know the ins and out of megan’s family of origin, but her need to “own” her mother and exclude her other siblings and basically control them and others is also a marker of the syndrome.

you must have been reading different papers to the rest of us. 41000 complaints do not speak for britain and i expect that for the other 67 million , their ‘truth’ is nearer to ‘ i really don’t care less about her ‘ . it has got to the point where what we used to call unhappiness – a perfectly natural and frequent part of life – has now been renamed mental illness. what is not normal is latching on to a particular utterance and then continuing to beat the dead horse forever. in which case the unherd readership appears to be exclusively over 35. of the 61 comments to date a big fat zero are actually in support of her. “their kind of fact-light, sentiment-heavy self-promotion and self-therapy was, psaki told us, one of the areas that biden is ‘committed to in the future’. indeed she felt stress but as an actress in one of the most stressful environments, i think all she wanted to do was take out her anger for the british royal family and their traditions. the self-importance of such disproportionate thinking and conduct ought to stand out a mile; but it seems, and especially among the americans, it doesn’t. we seem to have reached a stage where being contented is the only state of mind qualifying as healthy, and anything else requiring if therapy. merkle persisted and refused to accept the rules that are in place for very good reasons. they are problems that can be diagnosed by a doctor, not personal weaknesses.” what is the legal definition of mental illness? i note by the way that she has a very long history of massive fall outs with family and friends. she asked for permission to go to some kind of facility and the pr guys (rightly) said that would be seriously bad press. she is the mother of a toddler and is expecting again.

meghan markle’s half-sister said monday that her estranged sibling suffers from “narcissistic personality disorder” — while markle’s hubby, prince harry, is the victim of stockholm syndrome. she needs to see a counselor,’’ samantha markle told the australian radio show “fifi, fev and nick’’ the day after meghan and harry’s bombshell tv interview with oprah winfrey.

“she pulled him away from his family, all of his friends, the life that he knew. “he reminds me of one of those kidnap victims who eventually starts to believe that their life was so horrible and they’re in love with their captor.” in addition to taking on the royal family during the sit-down with winfrey, meghan ripped into samantha, throwing shade on the half-sister’s new “tell-all’’ memoir, “the diary of princess pushy’s sister part 1.’’ meghan claimed that the last time she saw samantha “must have been at least 18, 19 years ago’’ and referred to herself as “an only child.” “she had said, ‘i haven’t hadn’t seen samantha for 19 years.’ well, she was at my graduation from my bachelor degree — there was so many photos in the media that are … about that, and that was 2008, so don’t know about you, but if you do the math, 2008 to now is not 19 years!” samantha said. don’t tell me my sister didn’t know who harry was!” meghan claimed samantha only changed her married name back to markle after the now-royal began dating harry — but samantha said, “first of all, i did an interview, and i held up my college degree — my name’s been markle since 1964 — it’s on my college degree!” meghan also publicly accused her dad of “betrayal’’ by selling her out to the tabloids and lamented to winfrey, “i’ve lost my father.” “[oprah] needs to get dr. phil on my sister,’’ samantha said, referring to winfrey’s favorite tv psychologist, dr. phil mcgraw.

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imagine the response if markle had confessed to suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, or borderline personality disorder, meghan markle’s half-sister said monday that her estranged sibling suffers from “narcissistic personality disorder” — while markle’s hubby, among the preposterous distortions meghan markle produced to give oprah winfrey was that suffered from borderline personality disorder., meghan, harry news, meghan markle look alike, meghan markle the league.

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