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approximately 1 in 4 people in the uk will experience a mental illness each year. in the developing world, mental health is considered one of the most neglected problems. to raise awareness on this issue and promote advocacy against the social stigma surrounding it, world mental health day is celebrated across the world on the 10th of october. all of the organizations below, are deemed particularly effective or accountable by charity evaluators or information services like charity navigator, giving compass and guidestar. founded in early 2013 by sean mayberry, a former diplomat, strongminds is a charity that treats depression in african women, with a particular focus on uganda and zambia. 75% of them reported to be depression-free six months after treatment.

suicide prevention is also the theme of this year’s world mental health day. if you want to help tackling this issue, you can donate to the jed foundation, a non-profit organization working to prevent suicide for american teens and young adults. the foundation claims that 100% of every dollar donated for research is invested in research grants since the operating expenses are covered by two other family foundations. founded as a grassroots organization by families of people diagnosed with mental illness, nami has become a network of more than 500 local affiliates working in 50 us states to advance public policy for people with mental health problems. despite some criticism received in the past for being heavily funded by pharmaceutical companies, the organization retains a 4-star rating by charity navigator and a platinum seal of transparency by guidestar. it was the beginning of rethink mental illness, a uk-based charity which provides services for people affected by mental illness and their carers.

this just demonstrates how rampant mental health issues are in the country. instead, people who try to speak up about it are criticized and their concerns downplayed. speak up or support these mental health charities who are leading the charge to end this. it also allowed the rest of the world to gain a deeper understanding of various mental health issues. they also offer training and workshops to adults who work closely with the youth. aside from research, the foundation also has various programs to help those who suffer from mental illnesses.

to raise public awareness, they also launched the mental illness awareness week and namiwalks. the donations they receive are used to fund scientific research and educate the public on mental health and suicide prevention. to address this, the couple started the jed foundation in 2000. it aims to prevent suicide and promote mental and emotional health among teens and young adults. the lack of access to mental health care for these also affects their family and the community as a whole. project sanctuary aims to provide these veterans and servicemen the mental health support they need. it’s one of only a few organizations that specifically cater to uniformed personnel and their families.

national alliance on mental illness of new york city ; american foundation for suicide prevention ; mental health america ; child mind institute. founded as a grassroots organization by families of people diagnosed with mental illness, nami has become a network of more than 500 local nami, the national alliance on mental illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the, .

five effective mental health charities to support american foundation for suicide prevention child mind institute national alliance on mental, . in this article, we’ll look at the following charities:national alliance on mental illness (nami)mental health innovations (mhi)mental health america (mha)rethink mental health incorporated.national institute for mental health (nimh)child mind institute.american foundation for suicide prevention (afsp)strongminds.

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