mental illness and addiction

mental illness and substance abuse are directly or indirectly connected to the other with adverse effects to the user. mental illness and substance abuse mainly happens when a patient takes medication, alcohol, or toxicants without a prescription to attain the desired feeling. continuing the theme of the connection between mental illness and substance abuse, it is understandable that patients will seek out narcotics and alcohol to medicate their mental illnesses. as a result, the severity of the mental health symptom or symptoms will be exaggerated, leading to a greater likelihood of severely manifesting the symptom.

as a result of this information, we can see that these symptoms exist due to the co-occurrence of mental health disorders. also notable is that the disease combinations developing from mental illness and substance abuse are quite a number. if a patient is depressed, he may indulge in sleeping medication to stay unconscious more of the time. remember, the longer you wait, the deeper the menace of mental illness and substance abuse afflicts the body.

many individuals who develop substance use disorders (sud) are also diagnosed with mental disorders, and vice versa. mental disorders can lead to drug or alcohol abuse because some people use substances to self-medicate. for instance, the nicotine in tobacco substance abuse and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are closely linked, although one doesn’t necessarily directly cause the other., .

a substance use disorder (sud) is a mental disorder that affects a person’s brain and behavior, leading to a person’s inability to control their use of substances such as legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, or medications. symptoms can range from moderate to severe, with addiction being the most severe form of suds. mental health problems can sometimes lead to alcohol or drug use, as some people with a mental health problem may misuse these substances as a get informed with clear, reliable information about mental illness and addiction, including treatment and recovery. samhsa’s mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on america’s communities. 5600 fishers lane, rockville, md 20857 1-877-samhsa-7 (, .

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