obsessive traits

the thoughts and behaviors can make life challenging, taking a lot of time and causing a person to be unable to function normally in many ways. for someone with ocd it is nearly impossible to stop the obsessive thoughts. the content of the thoughts can be anything, but they are always negative and cause a person discomfort, distress, fear, or anxiety. these behaviors are unique to the person who struggles with ocd, but there are common patterns, just as there are with obsessions: it is possible to be diagnosed with ocd and have only the obsessive thoughts.

regardless of which dominates, or if one is not present at all, what the thoughts and behaviors have in common is that they take up a lot of time in a person’s life. often it is the thoughts that cause the most distress, and the purpose of the compulsive behaviors is to relieve that distress. some of the possible complications and impairments that ocd can cause include: diagnosable ocd can be severe, and the traits of this condition can cause serious distress and dysfunction. with good care, someone with this condition can learn to live with it and to manage and control the difficult obsessions and compulsive behaviors that are running their lives.

often referred to as “pure o”, or “purely obsessional ocd”, obsessive personality types are marked by repeated, intrusive, and uncontrollable the traits of obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd) include having obsessive thoughts that are troubling and persistent and engaging in repetitive behaviors obsession symptoms fear of contamination or dirt doubting and having difficulty tolerating uncertainty needing things orderly and symmetrical, .

ocpd traits include preoccupation and insistence on details, rules, lists, order and organisation; perfectionism that interferes with completing tasks; excessive doubt and exercising caution; excessive conscientiousness, as well as rigidity and stubbornness. specific personality traits that are prevalent in ocd ; perfectionism: a need to have situations and objects exactly right. ; indecisiveness: an ocpd is a personality disorder, which means it involves personality traits that are stable, long-held, atypical, and problematic in some way. in obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is characterized by a pervasive preoccupation with orderliness, perfectionism, and control (with no room for, .

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