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the anxiety and ocd treatment center, llc (aotc) is here to help you restore a sense of hope, confront your fears, and transform your relationship with anxiety. scientific research shows that when cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmacological treatments are applied, anxiety disorders are amongst the most treatable mental health problems. when indicated, treatment may include spouses, family members, and other loved ones in addition to individual sessions.

in situations where anxiety has impaired a child or adolescent’s academic functioning, advocacy meetings and consultations involving school personnel and teachers may also be included as an essential component of treatment. our goal is to help individuals who have an anxiety disorder learn to learn to live with the uncertainty and risk taking that is a normal part of life, and to reclaim their lives from the grips of anxiety. when necessary and feasible, home visits may also be arranged. when clinically necessary, a more intensive treatment approach may be suggested.

the anxiety & ocd treatment center of central pennsylvania specializes in treating anxietyâ disorders and ocd. our therapists are experts in providing exposure-based treatment for ocd, anxiety, phobias, and ptsd. thoughts may be irrational, but they may also be more general and related to common life things; we might call this worry. behaviors such as avoidance and reassurance-seeking often evolve during anxiety and tend to make it worse. obsessions are thoughts images, impulses, urges that come into your mind repeatedly, against your will and cause significant distress/ anxiety.

these behaviors and thoughts cause significant disturbance to daily life. the gold-standard treatment for ocd is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy calledâ  exposure and response prevention (erp) also sometimes called exposure and ritualâ  prevention (exrp). the response prevention component of erp,â  refers to choosing not to engage in any compulsion or safety behavior to alleviate the anxietyâ  or distress caused by your fear/obsessions. what this will do is help to replace the fear learning that youâ  have-this is called fear extinction. to maximize exposure success we use a combination of the habituation based model and inhibitory learning model. here at the anxiety &â  ocd treatment center of central pennsylvania we like to think of exposure as a lifestyle!

at the ocd and anxiety treatment center, we specialize in exposure-based therapy, which is an evidence-based approach for ocd treatment & anxiety disorders. at the anxiety and ocd treatment center in charlotte, nc, we specialize in the treatment of anxiety and ocd-related disorders in children and adults. the nashville ocd & anxiety treatment center was founded in 2018 to provide the middle tennessee area with high-quality, evidence-based care for ocd and, .

the ocd and anxiety treatment center has over a decade of experience expertly treating obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, at the ocd & anxiety center, our team provides evidence-based treatment for anxiety, ocd, trauma, and child psychology-related disorders at oak brook welcome to the ocd and anxiety treatment center! our main focus is to help people who are suffering with ocd and other anxiety disorders to find peace and, .

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