ocd and trauma

by gaining a better understanding of what ocd is, as well as the connection between ocd and childhood trauma, you will be able to address your past and move forward toward a healthier life. one of the potential causes that has been the focus of recent research in the field is childhood trauma. many people simply accept the effects that their trauma exerts on them and do their best to live with it, not realizing that there are options that can help them cope in a healthier manner. you might be so used to living with it that you have accepted its effects, but there are many ways that you can address its causes and take control of it. while it is believed to be caused by a combination of various genetic and environmental factors, one potential cause that has been the focus of recent research is childhood trauma.

in the case of childhood trauma, a person might respond with compulsions that they believe will prevent these events. although studies continue to shed light on the causes and effects of this disorder, many therapists are unsure of how to approach people with childhood trauma and ocd. when you’re dealing with such delicate memories that can have many kinds of ripple effects on the psyche, you need to have experience dealing with the causes and effects of these experiences. insight is necessary, but to truly address your childhood trauma and its link to your ocd, a combination of treatment modalities is ideal. at the end of the day, addressing the complex nature of mental illnesses like ocd and the trauma tied to them is best accomplished in a residential setting.

“the thoughts got so deep and dark that i just really didn’t want to be here,” he says. i remember waking up at 6 in the morning to the doorbell ringing and it was gunnar because he wanted to play piano and he didn’t have a piano at his house. and the ride home was silent and we got to my house and i sat in the car for a few hours because i couldn’t move. ocd can be very challenging when it mixes with a trauma, i learned, because one of the most challenging things about ocd is that it loves uncertainty and fear and latches onto them to create obsessions and compulsions. there were a lot of obsessions around suicide and thinking about that and thinking that if i am just not here then i don’t have to deal with these thoughts.

matt: of course i was very resistant because i did not want to think of my problems as complex or deep or affecting me in an awful way and also i didn’t want to deal with them. i saw dr. h first, and the first thing she said to me was tell me about gunnar. i was scared of my thoughts and actions. yes, i was terrified, especially because i had just started dating someone and i had just joined cross country, which meant i had new friends and they didn’t know a lot about my past. potentially child psychology and neuroscience, and a lot of it has to do with his experiences.

finally, lafleur et al. (2011) suggest that traumatic events may not cause ocd, but rather mediate the link between the environmental-genetic people with ocd that develops after trauma show a different pattern of symptoms, including more severe symptoms such as suicidal thoughts, self- many studies have solidified the link between ocd and childhood trauma. a theory proposed by psychologist stanley rachman suggests that people, .

the onset of ocd is not limited to the original meaning of trauma; rather, traumatic experiences such as unexpected exposure to contaminants or various stressful life events often cause the onset of ocd. ocd can be very challenging when it mixes with a trauma, i learned, because one of the most challenging things about ocd is that it loves uncertainty and fear treatment can be tricky when dealing with ocd sufferers who have experienced trauma, because therapy puts them in a vulnerable position to have …[t]he evidence suggesting the impact of trauma on ocd is irrefutable…recent research has suggested that ocd and ptsd are, in fact, two disorders, .

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