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it’s common for people with ocd to avoid certain situations and places, that may contribute to social isolation. additionally, living with ocd can lead to substance abuse, in order to manage and deal with the urges and demands of ocd. the amount of times it requires to organize these things correctly doesn’t matter for an individual that suffers from ocd because their behaviors are not part of a rational thought process. doing the same thing over and over to ensure that it’s right can take a tremendous amount of effort and consume a lot of time in the process.

working with a licensed professional is the key to finding the treatment modality that meets the needs of any individual with ocd. working closely with a therapist can be the key to helping you have a better quality of life. this will only take a few minutes to accomplish and may be extremely helpful in reducing many of the obsessions that are common for people who suffer from ocd. having a group that is accessible and willing to provide the necessary support can be extremely helpful for any individual with ocd – visit ocdtribe. finding a therapist in your area to provide the assistance you need is effective in reducing obsessions, compulsions, and anxiety that are common with ocd.

cbt helps the patient create an internal strategy for resisting ocd that will be of lifelong benefit. the “bt” in cbt stands for behavior therapy. behavior therapy for ocd involves exposure and response prevention (e/rp). cbt is relatively free of side effects, but all patients will have some anxiety during treatment. a physician may provide both cbt and medication, or a psychologist or social worker may provide cbt, while a physician man ages your medications. regardless of their specialties, those treating you should be knowledgeable about the treatment of ocd and willing to cooperate in providing your care. just as important, people with ocd who respond to cbt usually stay well, often for years to come. when someone is being treated with medication, using cbt with the medication may help prevent relapse when the medication is stopped.

intensive cbt, which involves 2-3 hours of therapist-assisted e/rp daily for 3 weeks, is the fastest treatment available for ocd. what is the best setting for cbt? in intensive cbt, the therapist may come to the patient’s home or workplace to conduct e/rp sessions. in very rare cases, when ocd is particularly severe, cbt is best conducted in a hospital setting. to locate a therapist skilled in cbt for ocd, you may want to ask your physician or other healthcare provider, an academic psychiatry or psychology department, your local ocd support group, or the obsessive-compulsive foundation (a treatment providers list is available upon request), the anxiety disorders association of america, or the association for the advancement of behavioral therapy. however, using one of the excellent treatment manuals now available, it is relatively easy to translate cbt skills from another disorder to ocd. so if there is no one immediately available, look for a skilled psychologist or psychiatrist who is willing to learn. in rare cases, traveling to a specialized center where intensive cbt is available on an outpatient or inpatient basis may be the most practical solution.

your first step will be to find a therapist. a therapist is someone who works in the mental health field and provides therapy as a treatment. therapists can individuals that face the symptoms of ocd daily can find relief through a combination of psychotherapy, medication and self-help strategies. cognitive behavioral psychotherapy (cbt) is the psychotherapeutic treatment of choice for children, adolescents, and adults with ocd., .

browse our extensive directory of the best obsessive-compulsive (ocd) therapists, obsessive-compulsive (ocd) psychologists and obsessive-compulsive (ocd) the psychotherapy of choice for the treatment of ocd is exposure and response prevention (erp), which is a form of cbt. while many therapists may recommend these techniques with good intentions, the following techniques may further exacerbate your ocd symptoms, .

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