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i was in college the first time i experienced anxiety – the kind that hollows out your stomach, making you feel a stranger to your own body. this was just the beginning, or what i thought at the time to be the climax of my story with anxiety. eventually, my anxiety during college culminated into what i can only describe as a breakdown, which landed me in my childhood pediatrician’s office (yes, you read that correctly) to discuss how to get things “under control.” the result: a prescription. it transitioned its primary residency from my chest to my brain, soliciting its presence in the form of intrusive thoughts. at first, it was upsetting to realize that my eccentric behavior, which at that point had become my normal, was indeed not normal at all and instead, part of a mental disorder. because, naturally, that would be the inevitable cost and i would be to blame. which gave way to checking that the stove was off. i realized it was somewhat silly for me to spend my mornings this way and yet, i performed this routine with military precision, circling between the rooms of my apartment and pointing at each object as if crossing it off an imaginary list.

it was a catchall phrase of sorts that even i was guilty of using as an arbitrary adjective, not realizing the truth in doing so. at first, it was upsetting to realize that my eccentric behavior, which at that point had become my normal, was indeed not normal at all and instead, part of a mental disorder. despite now being able to better identify my behavior as ocd, i have not yet mastered the ability to resist my compulsions. what i have come to realize is that most of my anxiety is driven by a lack of knowledge. it is walking four blocks back home to make sure you locked the door. it doesn’t matter how hard you try to rationalize against them – reason is a useless cause when it comes to quieting the enemy. i’ve gotten to a place now where i’ve accepted that there is much i do not know. it’s because of this that i am writing this column from a place of questions rather than answers. but what i can do is share the thoughts and questions that keep me up at night, fuel my inner critic and constantly remind me of how much there is in this big, complicated, messy world still to learn.

people who are distressed by recurring, unwanted, and uncontrollable thoughts or who feel driven to repeat specific behaviors may have obsessive-compulsive if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd), here are some helpful tips for coping with the cycle of intrusive thoughts. gad is an acronym used for generalized anxiety disorder, while ocd is used for obsessive-compulsive disorder. ocd and gad share similarities, .

sufferers of ocd who have intrusive thoughts generally have reoccurring images in their minds that are disturbing or horrific. these thoughts may occur based on an event that happened in the person’s life, or they may occur for no particular reason. people with obsessive-compulsive disorder have intrusive thoughts (or images) that bother them. these can be thoughts about making mistakes, harming someone, contamination, disease, religious preoccupation, fears of impulses or desires, or just about anything that you might consider dangerous, disgusting, or dirty. ocd overthinking everything is a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder. symptoms of ocd include intrusive thoughts that may be mistaken. obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd) has two main parts: obsessions and compulsions. obsessions are unwelcome thoughts, images, urges, worries or doubts that an amita health anxiety expert shows you how to stop overthinking and ruminating on depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd)., .

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