overcoming anxiety and depression

my name is kellene diana and i used to struggle with anxiety and depression. it made me so afraid to speak up and speak out about it that it completely silenced me for years. but, as scary as it was, i took a stand and put up a serious fight for my soul, my health, my spirit and everything that matters in this life! i stopped caring about what people thought and started caring more about getting better. i knew in my heart that there was so much more for me! it is time to fight for the kellene that i knew was on the inside waiting for an invitation to show her greatness.

because of my commitment to my healing, nowadays when i look in the mirror, i feel a different kind of love for myself that goes far beyond my outfit, my red lipstick and my mascara! the more i started to heal the more and more i saw my potential and what i was capable of and due to my intentional fight,  hard work and my determination to be my greatest, i am proud to say that i am now the ceo of my own company, a best selling author and a survivor of mental illness! this story is to simply show you that if i can beat anxiety and depression and all the other things that i have battled that tried to take me out, so can you! now, i’m no therapist and nor do i claim to have all the answers but one thing that i do know is that whatever dream is in your heart, whatever goal you need to achieve, with a fight, determination and a solid non-judgmental support system….you too can triumph over anxiety and depression. click here to join my free facebook community called “i beat anxiety depression, now what?”  it is a very engaged group of warriors who are ready to heal and share their journey and their story for ongoing healing and support! please note: adaa is not a direct service organization.

depression and anxiety are common mental health conditions that can co-occur. although both depression and anxiety have their own causes, they share many similar symptoms. it is normal to experience anxiety before making an important decision or a big event. if you ever find yourself experiencing the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, you need to seek help from a healthcare provider and implement some coping strategies to manage your symptoms. getting exercise can help ease the symptoms of depression and help you in overcoming anxiety. exercise also distracts you from your negative thoughts. practicing mindfulness meditation for relaxation is a way of training your mind to slow down and let go of negativity. by sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing, you can reduce the symptoms of both depression and anxiety and improve the quality of your life.

think about the time when you graduated from college, got married to the love of your life, or had a baby. this will help your counter the gloominess and provide an immediate dose of positivity. one of the best ways of overcoming anxiety and coping with depression is to make yourself feel safe and cared for. the simple act of talking to someone face to face about how you feel can play a significant role in relieving depression and keeping it away. a certified and licensed healthcare provider can help you manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression and suggest treatment methods for you. here’s how you can minimize your risks of facing any heart problems or disease. if you have ovarian cysts and have been trying to get pregnant, keep reading this article about the link between the two. this article takes a deeper look into the signs and symptoms of its onset.

“being depressed often makes us anxious, and anxiety often makes us depressed.” if you have both conditions, there are lots of ways to get help. treatment locators find treatment facilities and programs in the united states or u.s. territories for mental and substance use disorders. my name is kellene diana and i used to struggle with anxiety and depression. nobody understood or wanted to understand; in fact they called, .

let’s take a look at some coping strategies on how to overcome anxiety and depression. identifying your triggers can take some time and self-reflection. in the meantime, here are 13 strategies you can try to help calm or quiet your anxiety the main symptom of depression is typically a lingering low, sad, or hopeless mood, while anxiety mainly involves overwhelming feelings of worry, nervousness,, .

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