panic attack and heart attack

it can be difficult to tell the difference between a panic attack and a heart attack because they have many symptoms in common. one of the major differences between a heart attack and a panic attack is the cause of the symptoms, or what actually happens in your body to trigger the attack. men and older people are more likely to have a heart attack, whereas women and younger people are more likely to have a panic attack. although the symptoms of a panic attack usually are not due to changes in blood flow to the heart, anxiety can affect your blood pressure and heart rate in ways that increase your chance of having a heart attack.

medical conditions that can trigger a panic attack include: medications that may trigger a panic attack include those used to treat asthma and some heart conditions. if you have never had a panic attack before, it is not safe to assume that these symptoms are from a panic attack. it can be difficult to tell the difference between a panic attack and a heart attack because many symptoms and risk factors are similar. in some people, panic attacks can lead to a heart attack, so it is always important to get emergency medical care for chest pain or shortness of breath.

a panic attack is unlikely to cause a heart attack, but it’s possible. emotional stress plays a role in both conditions. “both panic attacks and one of the key distinctions between the two is that a heart attack often develops during physical exertion, whereas a panic attack can occur at panic disorder – can be associated with cardiac disease or mistaken for heart attack. feelings of extreme agitation and terror are often accompanied by, .

although chest pain is common to both a panic attack and a heart attack, the characteristics of the pain often differ. during a panic attack, chest pain is usually sharp or stabbing and localized in the middle of the chest. chest pain from a heart attack may resemble pressure or a squeezing sensation. in contrast to a panic attack, a heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle is blocked, and one or more parts of the heart are for a heart attack, the symptoms often last only minutes to a couple of hours. chest pain from a heart attack may come and go, but is unlikely the chest pain of a panic attack usually stays in the mid-chest area (the pain of a heart attack commonly moves toward the left arm or jaw). you, .

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