panic attack is dangerous

the sudden symptoms of a panic attack — shortness of breath, a pounding heart, chest pain, and an intense feeling of fear — may feel so alarming that you’re sure you need medical help right away. if you’ve never had a panic attack and you’re having chest pain, go to the hospital. a doctor should check to make sure you’re not having a serious medical problem, like a heart attack, a blood clot in your lungs, or a collapsed lung. the results are a sure way to find out if your symptoms came from a heart problem or a panic attack. if doctors didn’t find a health issue then and you have the same symptoms now, it’s likely that you’re having another panic attack. most panic attacks pass within 30 minutes, but you can take a few steps to calm them on your own.

take slow, deep breaths gently, in through your nose and out through your mouth. even if you know panic attacks can cause your symptoms, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor if there’s a chance you have heart disease. maybe you have a pounding heart this time, but you had trouble breathing in the past. if you go the emergency room, you may have an ekg, blood tests, and a chest x-ray to make sure you’re not having a heart attack or other serious problem. talk to your doctor or a therapist if you have panic attacks often. if you do, your doctor can help you find the right treatment. simon rego, psyd, chief psychologist, director of psychology training, and director of the cbt training program, montefiore medical center, bronx, ny.

if you have panic attack symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible. panic attacks, while intensely uncomfortable, are not dangerous. but the symptoms of a panic attack are not dangerous, but can be very frightening. they can make you feel as though you are having a heart attack, panic attacks aren’t life threatening. but their symptoms can be similar to those of other life-threatening health conditions, such as heart attack. if you, .

although panic attacks are frightening, they’re not dangerous. an attack will not cause you any physical harm, and it’s unlikely you’ll be admitted to hospital if you have one. during a panic attack, a person experiences overwhelming anxiety. they may feel their heart is racing, they cannot breathe, or they are going to die. a panic attack isn’t dangerous. but the symptoms are a lot like those of a heart attack or other health problems that do need emergency panic attacks can occur at any time. many people with panic disorder worry about the possibility of having another attack and may significantly change their, .

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