postpartum anxiety attacks

a year ago, not long after the birth of my third child, i was reluctant to leave my house unless i had absolutely no choice. i was sure that i was dying of an undiagnosed disease, and that it was only a matter of time before i dropped to the floor in front of my daughters, traumatizing them for life and abandoning them against my will. it took a lot of time and effort, but now i know i have the power to defeat the panic. when i started developing symptoms, panic attacks and crippling anxiety was the forefront of my illness. i don’t think that many people make the connection to it being a postpartum issue that is cureable with the right help. i have found many mechanisms much like you to overcome it and have done countless hours of research to try to figure out the triggers of it. it’s great to read this type of thing because i know that i am not alone and not losing my mind. the relationship my husband and i have is so strong and special, i’m much more self aware and have a new appreciation of all i have. i hope you have reached out to a doctor to talk about the panic attacks you are having – you can get help to deal with that! i am trying to stay positive and thinking of this as a “two steps forward one step back” kind of thing. i also see a psychologist and it is a great help to just unload my stuff on her. im not a fan of medication i like to work through obstacles and i am very independent. i woke up feeling tingling in my legs and tried to ignore it.

it escalated quick and my dad had to rush me to the er as i was fearing that something else was wrong since i’ve learned to control my breathing. i found someone who is with me in my plan not to take meds and she said she can help me. this is no way to live and i feel like my daughter can feel every time i’m panicking. more panic ensues when i think about what these panic attacks are doing to my body and heart so i’ll try it. i just gave birth to my son and i’m having trouble with it. i started myself on natural progesterone cream b/c i wasn’t getting anywhere with my doctor and it has made a world of difference. i couldn’t afford it at the time but i was at my wits end! still have yet to get the full panel thyroid test and i need a hormone test. june 1st of 2016 i went to the grocery store while my boyfriend and our daughter stayed home, that was the first day i had a severe panic attack. i am now going on my third week of prozac (a medication that’s helped me in the past) and although i still feel a lot of anxiety and panic, i have hope. i have a sister that doesn’t provide much help as she doesn’t get it and simply tells me to “snap out of it”. i apologize for the long post but i’ve just gotten out of a panic attack and really needed to vent out. i have appointments with my obgyn & gp in the coming weeks since i have finally admitted to myself this is not normal. i’m in the middle of a panic attack right now and i’m so relieved to know i’m not the only one experiencing phantom pains, hyper focusing on body sensations, and numbness.

postpartum anxiety is excessive worrying that occurs after having a baby. it can be accompanied by physical symptoms. it’s not unusual for women to feel down or depressed after giving birth, but if the feelings persist or become debilitating, it’s cause for having a panic attack is a terrifying experience at any point in someone’s life. when coupled with the stress inherent to postpartum life – all of a sudden, you, .

treatment locators find treatment facilities and programs in the united states or u.s. territories for mental and substance use disorders. postpartum anxiety falls under the larger umbrella of postpartum mood disorders (ppmd), along with postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. believe it or postpartum generalized anxiety is an irrational fear or exaggerated worry that something is wrong and usually involves worrying all day,, .

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