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together with our local minds in wales we’re committed to improving mental health in this country. we’re a charity and we couldn’t continue our work without your help. browse our online range including our range of mental health resources, wedding favours, pause for mind and greetings cards. 1.2 million people watched psychosis and me on its release in 2019. after the broadcast, the number of visits to mind’s information pages on psychosis more than doubled. this is an example of how good portrayals of mental health can encourage people to seek information, guidance and support.

antonio has experienced hallucinations and was referred to mental health services when he was younger. “for me, it took a diagnosis that can seem super scary and managed to humanise it. while it wasn’t a film about race and mental health it did powerfully acknowledge the role that racism does play in black mental health and that seems more pertinent today than ever.” sathnam is a renowned journalist, author and a judge for the mind media awards. young people like kamwari, and callum, and conrad, who spoke incredibly honestly and directly about some of the more frightening aspects of this condition.” © 2022 mind we’re a registered charity in england (no. 424348) in england and wales.

he ordered harewood to go to camden and put on a suit hanging at the back of a shop. “obviously the shop is fucking closed,” he says, with a pained smile. in the car, harewood said he was dying and had three brains in his head. harewood was sectioned and woke up on a locked ward, surrounded by psychiatric patients. “what the hell was it all about?” he wonders at the beginning of this breathtakingly honest account, which as well as being a conventional mental health documentary has the mystery, pace and pathos of a detective story. such is the stigma of psychosis that harewood, who comes across as a thoughtful, genial man, admits he has always referred to it as a breakdown. she reads out his file, in which he is described talking for hours about a friend buying him a wine bar that would be “like the garden of eden, where you could pluck a guitar out of the grass”.

she explains that the content of psychosis has changed and religious delusions have now been replaced with ones about social media. it’s when harewood reconnects with the friends who took him to a&e that the tone shifts from amused bemusement to deep distress. they go on a road trip to the hospital where harewood was sectioned. i’d brushed all this off and concentrated on the funny bits,” he says. what he finds (and this is also key to hussain’s exploration of anxiety) is how much his psychosis – and the way he was treated – was rooted in the unspoken experience of race, and the impact of racism. he recalls playing the lead in romeo and juliet, fresh out of drama school, and the reviews comparing him to mike tyson, commenting on his “thick neck” and “threatening physical demeanour”. the investigation closes with a visit to his lovely mum, where the trail goes cold. “don’t mention it,” she replies with an embarrassed laugh.

at 23 years old, david harewood had a psychotic breakdown and was sectioned. as he puts it, he `lost his mind’. david retraces his steps, meets young people living with psychosis and the nhs professionals who treat them. in this film, david lets viewers into the realities of experiencing a psychotic breakdown, opening up in a way he has never done before – and in a way that psychosis & me an exploration of mental illness and current available treatments, hosted by actor david harewood, who suffered a mental breakdown at age 23 in his documentary psychosis and me, david pieces together what happened by revisiting key locations and meeting with friends who witnessed his mental health, people also search for, people also search for, david harewood: psychosis and me youtube, psychosis documentary netflix, actors with psychosis.

this raw documentary follows the actor as he uncovers what led him to be sectioned – and it unfolds with the mystery, pace and pathos of a thirty years ago, david had a psychotic breakdown. now he traces his steps and meets people living with psychosis. learn more with the open university. find out how to watch david harewood: psychosis and me. stream david harewood: psychosis and me, watch trailers, see the cast, and more at tv guide., documentary on psychosis, talking to someone with psychosis, living with psychosis.

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