ptsd and borderline personality disorder

one second she was excited about a new job and all of the possibilities it presented, and the next she was anxious and overwhelmed from being a caretaker to her mother. when she came back for her second session she was nervous and depressed over the thought that her long-time partner might leave her, and by the third, the issue seemed to have disappeared from her mind completely. the initial thought of the therapist was that she had borderline personality disorder (bpd). she did not have an intense fear of abandonment she had successfully and happily lived ten years without a partner and she had no history of suicidality or self-harming behaviors. it wasnt until trinas therapist discovered her history of severe childhood abuse, an abusive previous partner, and the fairly recent death of her father, that this question was answered. now knowing the source of the symptom, her therapist was able to help her work through her trauma and calm her moods naturally, stabilizing her behavior very quickly. here are some similarities and differences between the two: had trina been treated for bpd instead of ptsd, her condition might have gotten worse instead of getting better.

an accurate understanding and assessment of the two are necessary to avoid making this error. can therapy that includes drawing, painting, dance, or music help someone heal from trauma? the concept of repressed memory is controversial. learn what to do if you think you have repressed… childhood trauma often leads to lasting brain changes. thanks to neuroplasticity and therapies like emdr, it may be possible to “rewire” your brain… trauma can affect a child’s learning and classroom behavior in many ways. conventional treatments can help manage symptoms, but research suggests mdma therapy might be able to heal ptsd symptoms, as well as the condition. trauma therapy, medication, and self-care are the most helpful methods to counter ptsd symptoms holistically.

in reality, ptsd is often just the tip of the iceberg, and far from encompasses the breadth or depth of the effects of complex trauma. in the early 1990’s, dr. judith herman proposed a new diagnosis to capture the array of symptoms and difficulties observed in adult survivors of childhood trauma: complex posttraumatic stress disorder (cptsd). these studies demonstrate that a diagnosis of ptsd alone is insufficient to clarify the distinction between borderline personality disorder and clinical symptoms driven by complex trauma exposure.

“this emerging body of research is critical in the ongoing effort to provide state of the art treatment to survivors of complex trauma. affect dysregulation, psychoform dissociation, and adult relational fears mediate the relationship between childhood trauma and complex posttraumatic stress disorder independent of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder. the association of posttraumatic stress disorder, complex posttraumatic stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder from a network analytical perspective.

the evidence suggests that ptsd, cptsd, and bpd are potentially comorbid but distinct syndromes. a hypothesis is advanced to stimulate post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) and borderline personality disorder (bpd) commonly co-occur. between 25% and 60% of people with bpd also bpd and ptsd occur at the same time in a large number of people. one reason for this is that experiencing traumatic events in childhood is a risk factor for, .

bpd and c-ptsd are easily confused due to the overlap in symptoms. both are characterized by general emotional distress, which can include findings suggest that bpd may involve heterogeneity related to psychological trauma that includes, but extends beyond, comorbidity with ptsd and potentially complex ptsd, or cptsd, is a subset of ptsd. whereas ptsd is a fear-based disorder, cptsd is often referred to as a shame-based disorder, .

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