selective mutism treatment

it is thought that the pressure and expectation to talk and engage with certain people makes individuals with selective mutism completely freeze, with feelings of panic and anxiety being overwhelming enough to prevent individuals from speaking. whether triggering scenarios are found during nursery, school, work or social settings, the aim of talking and behavioural therapies will be a progressive, step-by-step process to gradually reduce the pressure to speak, which is at the core of symptoms of selective mutism. this is before graduating to face-to-face conversation when ready, and is particularly useful for treating young children with the condition as an entertaining form of engagement.

due to the fact that families and friends can have a significant impact on whether treatment for selective mutism is successful, family therapy can help you as parents to learn how to manage the condition and support your child with verbal and emotional encouragement when needed. diagnosing and ultimately seeking help and support for selective mutism as early as possible, can help to reduce the impact of this disorder on your child’s education and development. if your child has a pre-existing speech or language problem or has difficulty hearing, this can contribute to their lack of self-esteem during social situations with people they don’t know well, and can also lead to the likelihood of developing selective mutism.

does your child talk at home or with friends but refuse to talk at school? this might start when your child goes to school. selective mutism is in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: fifth edition, or dsm-5. in the dsm-5, a child with selective mutism may: talk to your doctor if you have concerns about how and when your child talks. these experts may work with your family and your child’s teacher if there are problems at school.

each person with selective mutism needs to work on different skills. your child may need to work to change how she behaves at those times when she won’t talk. the slp will also work with your child on any speech or language problems that he may have. the slp may also help him use words to ask questions or talk about his thoughts. the slp may also work with others in the places where your child has trouble. the goal is for your child to be comfortable talking in any situation.

there is no specific medication for the treatment of selective mutism. however, medication may be appropriate for the treatment of other disorders associated treatment for selective mutism stimulus fading. your child may be with someone they talk to easily at first. shaping. the slp will praise or developed by dr. elisa shipon-blum, this holistic or “whole-person” treatment approach is designed to reduce anxiety, build self-esteem,, .

the most common treatment for selective mutism uses behavioral therapies to gradually encourage the child to speak in increasingly difficult situations with the help of positive reinforcement. other treatments, such as psychotherapy and medication, address the underlying anxiety the child faces in social situations. experts don’t know how many children with selective mutism will grow out of the disorder. but what we do know is that treating it becomes much harder the older a child is, so it is extremely important not to put off treatment. behavioral strategies and cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt) are the most widely supported therapeutic treatments for selective mutism. the main treatment for selective mutism is behaviour therapy. behaviour therapy involves gradually exposing a child to increasingly difficult speaking tasks treating selective mutism not letting the child know you’re anxious reassuring them that they’ll be able to speak when they’re ready concentrating on having, .

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