signs of high functioning anxiety

are you a planner? behind your calm, zen-like exterior, there’s a roller coaster of fear, anxiety and self-doubt within. high-functioning anxiety is a hidden problem faced by many people who live with anxiety but who manage to excel at work, at home and in relationships. but if you suffer from high-functioning anxiety, you are like a duck calmly floating on the water with your legs paddling frantically just below the surface.

“people with high-functioning anxiety, due to lack of insight or understanding, suffer from all symptoms silently, always on the brink of burnout.” if you’re kicking butt and taking names but are feeling burned out as a result, you may be prone to this type of anxiety. to make a formal diagnosis, you’ll want to see a licensed behavioral health specialist who can rule out other possible factors, but below is a list of 12 signs and symptoms to be aware of: “people with high-functioning anxiety may experience some of these symptoms but are still able to function and achieve things; however, success driven by anxiety is at the expense of overall health and wellness,” dr. dannaram said. “a behavioral health specialist can help you understand your anxiety, teach you how to manage symptoms, set goals and assess your progress,” dr. dannaram said. even if you’re excelling at work or at home, you are doing so at the expense of your overall health and wellbeing. high-functioning anxiety may not be a specific condition, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have something going on in your life.

high-functioning anxiety is not considered a mental health diagnosis. this is because of those who experience it self-report being able to function reasonably well in life.  furthermore, no discernible behavior changes may be seen by others. although on the outside it may seem that a person is functioning well, the internal struggle of a person experiencing it can be quite disrupting. mental health professionals do recognize there can be varying degrees of impairment. they may tell their patient they have “mild anxiety”— mild in the sense that the anxiety may not be expressed externally, in contrast to possible moderate to severe internal manifestations. experiencing this alone can be overwhelming, especially since others may not know you are suffering.  this is where therapy comes in. if you need help creating a more manageable life, one where you are living, progressing, and not just “surviving”, please call 201-488-6678 or our website to book an appointment today.

“people pleaser” (afraid of driving people away, fear of being a bad friend, spouse, and employee, fear of letting others down) overthinking high achiever. highly organized. detail oriented. outgoing personality. proactive. “an individual with high-functioning anxiety may appear calm people with high functioning anxiety experience many typical symptoms of anxiety, such as excessive worry and fear, overthinking, and poor sleep., .

while not an official diagnosis, the term “high-functioning” as it relates to an anxiety disorder—especially generalized anxiety disorder (gad)—is something below is a list of some signs/symptoms of high functioning anxiety: people-pleasing in order to create an environment that makes me feel safe, . what are the signs and symptoms of high-functioning anxiety?constantly overthinking and overanalyzing.fear of failure and striving for perfection.insomnia and fatigue.the need to please others and difficulty saying no.tendency to dwell on past mistakes.nervous habits such as nail-biting, hair twirling, or leg shaking. symptoms of high-functioning anxietyexcessive anxiety or worry on most days for at least six months.restlessness.difficulty concentrating.being easily fatigued.irritability.muscle tension.sleep problems.

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