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â  “whenever you get in a high stress situation you kind of freak out and don’t really know how to handle all of those emotions, especially at the olympic games,” biles told reporters on tuesday. “it’s okay sometimes to even sit out the big competitions to focus on yourself, because it shows how strong of a competitor and person that you really are, rather than just battle through it,” biles said. so, how can you tell if you need to take a break to care for your mental health and what does that look like? it’s important to distinguish between an acute stress reaction of a highly competitive situation — think: “good” nerves, excitement and adrenaline that will resolve after the stressful event — versus symptoms of a mental health condition, lagos says. “i have to do what’s right for me and focus on myâ mental healthâ and not jeopardize my health and well-being.

taking a mental health day might look different from person to person, but “knowing how to go into your cave to reset is part of the process,” lagos says. biles has said in the past that talk therapy is one tool that she utilizes to manage her mental health. know the strategies that tend to help you, so you can be prepared in the future. biles said that her teammates listened to her and took her decision to withdraw seriously, during a press conference tuesday. “it’s the ability to lean into that team to help know how to navigate these moments that can be really helpful.”

the olympics is no joke.” and at a press conference after her teammates’ silver medal win on july 27, biles hinted at a more serious weight on her shoulders. but biles clearly hid the full inner turmoil she was experiencing — a private agony that bubbled to the surface on july 27 when she formally withdrew from the team competition. here is a look back at all the times biles has been open about her mental health struggles, including her childhood experiences, living with adhd and the abuse she suffered at the hands of disgraced gymnastics trainer larry nassar.

in her 2016 memoir, “courage to soar: a body in motion, a life in balance,” the sportswoman discussed the disruption to her formative years, writing: “my biological mom was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and she was in and out of jail, i never had mom to run to.” as a teen whose intense training schedule led to peak fitness, she developed somewhat bulky muscles. “after working with robert, i was able to recover and get my confidence back,” she said in a joint interview with andrews in 2014. the expert also taught her ways to “calm down” after competing. if anything, i see it as a cool thing ’cause, like, we have more energy.” in 2018, biles revealed she was one of the more than 100 female gymnasts who accused team doctor larry nassar of molestation. but lately … i’ve felt a bit broken and the more i try to shut off the voice in my head the louder it screams,” biles wrote.

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gymnast simone biles, who disclosed her mental health struggles during the tokyo olympics, says she’s “still scared to do gymnastics.” in 2016 simone biles had to disclose personal information about her health and confirm that she has adhd. after hackers circulated confidential medical records gymnast simone biles’ withdrawal from the team and all-around evaluation) diagnostic and treatment center practice trauma-informed care., fun facts about simone biles, npr simone biles.

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