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while anxiety about some of the above is common in the general population, people with social anxiety disorder can worry excessively about them and can do so for weeks in advance of an anticipated social situation. population rates of social anxiety disorder in children and young people have been investigated in several countries. putting the adult and child prospective studies together, it appears that a significant number of people who develop social anxiety disorder in adolescence may recover before reaching adulthood. as many people develop their social anxiety disorder in childhood, some researchers have argued that much of the association with apd is simply due to the chronicity of the anxiety disorder. individuals with social anxiety disorder vary considerably in the number and type of social situations that they fear and in the number and range of their feared outcomes. higher rates of social anxiety disorder are reported in relatives of people with the condition than in relatives of people without the condition, and this effect is stronger for the generalised subtype (stein et al., 1998a). individuals who are diagnosed with social anxiety disorder are randomly allocated to the treatments under investigation or a control condition.

in social anxiety disorder it seems highly plausible that part of the improvement that is observed in treatment is simply due to the non-specific effect of meeting someone who is (initially) a stranger while talking about one’s emotions and numerous embarrassing topics. the next section outlines the different psychological and pharmacological interventions that have been tested for efficacy in social anxiety disorder. research has generally failed to support the assumption that people with social anxiety disorder do not know how to behave in social situations. in the first phase, the person is encouraged to see social anxiety disorder as an illness that has to be coped with, rather than as a sign of weakness or deficiency. expressive interventions relate the symptoms of social anxiety disorder to the person’s underlying core conflictual relationship theme. therapeutic effects in social anxiety disorder are again thought to be related to increased levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. a more detailed review of the cost of social anxiety disorder indicated that the economic cost relating to poor educational attainment, social impairment, functional disability and poor quality of life may be greater than the direct healthcare costs. in summary, social anxiety disorder is associated with a range of indirect and intangible costs relating to reduced productivity, social impairment and reduction in quality of life.

negative experiences. children who experience teasing, bullying, rejection, ridicule or humiliation may be more prone to social anxiety disorder social anxiety disorder usually comes on around 13 years of age. it can be linked to a history of abuse, bullying, or teasing. shy kids are also the exact cause of social phobia is unknown. however, current research supports the idea that it is caused by a combination of environmental factors and, .

risk for social anxiety disorder may run in families, but no one knows for sure why some family members have it social anxiety disorder (previously termed ‘social phobia’) was formally recognised as a separate phobic disorder in the mid-1960s (marks & gelder, 1965). the genetics: anxiety disorders can run in families, so there may be a genetic component at play. adverse life events: stressful or traumatic events — such as abuse, . environmental influences and stressful life experiences as a cause of social anxietyphysical, sexual, or emotional abuse.bullying or teasing by conflicts, domestic violence, and divorce.death of or desertion by a parent.maternal stress during pregnancy or infancy.

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