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the practice has been in place for almost 20 years at the department of veterans affairs and other government organizations that serve patients in rural areas. in addition to these structural barriers, a 2009 substance abuse and mental health services administration survey found that less than one-quarter of the estimated 45 million american adults who have a mental illness received treatment. a 2008 meta-analysis of 92 studies, for example, found that the differences between internet-based therapy and face-to-face were not statistically significant (journal of technology in human services, vol.

in addition to understanding the licensing barriers around telehealth, psychologists must also educate themselves on the ethical and legal challenges of providing telepsychology. psychologists also need to adjust their cameras to eye level to ensure proper eye contact with the client, and to check in with the client at the beginning of each session to make sure the volume is at a comfortable level. “we need to make sure that our members understand the importance of informed consent, the limits of confidentiality, and the risks involved, and that they have information about the best uses of technology and what technologies are more facilitative of the provision of psychological services.” the research on this topic, particularly when it comes to the use of email for service delivery, is still lagging — and in need of greater attention, she says. “these kinds of things can be used to extend the effectiveness of our therapy,” folen says.

depression and anxiety are the most common mental health problems in the u.s., affecting more than 16 million americans. brightside is on a mission to be the best and largest provider of virtual evidence-based depression and anxiety care in the u.s. we’re mindful about clinician burnout and are passionate about making evidence-based therapy as pleasant to provide as possible.

brightside offers the opportunity to break down barriers to accessing evidence-based therapies and truly shape the future of depression and anxiety care in the u.s. we’re seeking forward-thinking therapists who understand the magnitude of the challenge and want to be part of the solution. we believe that diversity improves our working environment and our ability to offer a high value service to our customers.

have a real conversation. choose your therapist. licensed psychologists and therapists; available days, nights and weekends; trained to perform visits but over the last decade, more psychologists have begun offering “telepractice,” also often referred to as “telepsychology” or the newer term, “telemental depression & anxiety care telehealth psychologist / therapist doctoral or masters degree in psychology or counseling (psyd, phd, edd, ma, ms, msw, mft,, .

teladoc provides online therapists and psychiatrists to help you feel better, all from the convenience of your phone. try it today. temporary practice laws allow psychologists licensed in one state to practice for a limited amount of time in another state (e.g., 20 days per telehealth in medicare allows psychologists to bill for services furnished to a medicare beneficiary via a telecommunications system., .

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