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a psychologist is a professionally trained mental health professional who helps patients navigate challenging life situations or mental health issues. to actively practice, a psychologist must be licensed in their state and maintain good standing. a psychologist meets with patients in an office and may work with a variety of methods, depending on patient need, such as cognitive, behavioral or interpersonal. according to the apa, common reasons a person may visit a psychologist include: psychologists are healthcare professionals who use scientific methods to understand the relationships between the brain, environment and behavior. the national average cost for a therapist is $80-$100 per hour, although prices may be higher or lower depending on geographic location and the experience and training of the therapist.

ask questions about the type of therapy they specialize in (such as cognitive or behavioral, etc.) and their area of expertise (such as grief, anxiety, body image disorders, etc.) the patient usually meets with the therapist in their office; sessions may also be held remotely (via skype, etc.) or in a clinical setting. to be able to write a prescription, a clinical psychologist must practice in a state that permits them to do so, and must either have a master’s degree in psychopharmacology or have completed the required advanced training program. many psychologists who are not able to write prescriptions work in partnership with psychiatrists, pediatricians or primary care doctors to help their patients who need medication.

if you’ve been wondering how to connect with a therapist or counseling psychologist, this is a sign that you are ready to seek professional help for resolving new or existing mental health challenges like depression and anxiety. read on to explore connecting with a therapist, the different kinds of therapists, and the many options, including online therapy, that are available to you in the mental health space. now that you know how to find a therapist, get connected with the best one for you nearby right away. a truly fulfilling life is possible – all you need are the right tools. in order to find the right therapist and mental health care for you is to be honest with yourself about what your mental-health related challenges are.

no matter what you may be experiencing, writing it down will help you understand what you are looking for whether that is a therapist with a master’s degree, a counselor, or licensing clinical social worker. the other question to ask yourself is if you are looking for online therapy or traditional therapy. cost per session depends on the type of therapist you are seeking, the number of sessions you have, whether it is through a service or a private practice, and whether or not it is covered by insurance. if cost is an issue, potential therapists may work with you to determine how they can help given your financial situation. say you just moved to a new city or just lost a loved one, potential therapists can help you navigate these changes and deal with the influx of emotions in a healthy and sustainable way. betterhelp may be right for you if you’re looking to improve the quality of your life.

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